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Victoria, Seychelles, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Forte 1 Technologies, a DeFi focused company recently announced that they will be listing their platform token on Vindax exchange on 1st October.

Jacob Anderson, CEO and brain chain of the company’s DeFi ecosystem recently shared his plans for the upcoming DeFi ecosystem.

“As part of our market penetration strategy for Vietnam, we will be first listing our token on Vindax. Vindax is the #157 exchange in the world, and one of the biggest exchange in Vietnam with more than $100 million trading volume daily. There is increasing demand for Forte 1 products there, and listing our token there is one of our strategies to capture more market share in Vietnam.” Jacob mentioned.

He also shared on his marketing strategies to build the community for the whole ecosystem which includes social media, KOL and bounty reward programs.

Some platforms where he will be building on for social media aspect would be  Reddit,  Twitter  and Facebook. Telegram has gained popularity in the crypto space since 2017 and 8 out of 10 crypto players are using it. This will be the key channel where they will be building our community because this is where they can keep them engaged in their project.

“Reddit is one of the most influential social media site now. Reddit users are responsible for the parabolic rally of Game Stop, the stock that rally to $350 in matter of days. Before the reddit hype, price have been only trading from $10-$20 for the past 5 years. We will also be partnering with some big crypto reddits there to promote more about our project.

The 3 key segments that we have for bounty reward program are Social Media Campaign Bounties, Article Writing Bounties and Bug Reporting Bounties. Bounty campaigns are incentives that are offered to multiple participants for various activities.

We will give out rewards for people that have completed specific tasks that help promote our project.  These programs will attract people to help us promote about our project in the social media channels. They will also be writing about what our project is about, so that more people will chance upon our project. Bug bounties can incentivize developers to find bugs or provide feedback on other design elements of our Defi ecosystem.” Jacob mentioned.

“Exchange listing is very important, as our project will be exposed to more people globally, more people will know of us and hence our community will grow. I and currently in talks with a few exchanges and I am looking to get our token listed on more exchanges early next year.

I am confident with what I am doing, and I am sure we have already proven results from our arbitrage engines so far. We are still very early in our DeFi journey and let me lead all of us into great success.” Jacob added.

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