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CHICAGO, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a white paper and article released today, Advyzon sheds new light on how firms bill their clients. Notably, one in four firms (26%) now use a flat fee in some capacity. Flat fees — where advisors charge a set rate for services — have been a topic of debate among advisors, with strong advocates and opponents.

“It was higher than expected,” said Charles Rowlan, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Advyzon, when asked to reflect on the number. “The trend is definitely moving more toward incorporating some type of flat-fee element.”

The data show flat fees are more popular with firms managing more than $100M in assets. These same firms are also more likely to have multiple fee schedules (89% of firms compared to 81% when looking at all firms).

The newly released data also looks at trends in asset-based fees and billing. For instance, quarterly billing remains the industry standard (74% of firms) based on either beginning or ending balances. This creates potential for big revenue fluctuations in volatile markets, however, which may be why we’re seeing more of a move toward flat fees. However, flat fees aren’t the only way to address this issue. Some firms (21%) are using monthly billing and a growing number of firms (16%) are using average daily balances to calculate their fee, versus a beginning or ending balance.

“We get questions about just about every element of fees and billing. Advisors want to know what other firms are doing, whether it’s billing in advance or arrears, quarterly or monthly, average daily balances, everything,” Rowlan points out. “Most of these questions come from breakaways, but existing firms ask questions, too, about how to do things better, whether that’s using flat fees or building in average daily balancing.”

Not only do the freshly released white paper and article provide a glimpse at what our 1,000 firms are doing, we also break the data down by firm size and provide insights and takeaways to help firms evaluate their own pricing.

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