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Webinar Series Features Industry Experts and Corporate Executives
Fighting Cybercrime on the Frontlines

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CISO Street™, the premier online community for cybersecurity professionals, today announced the 2021 cybersecurity webinar schedule for CISO Street, a media property sponsored by Accellion.

CISO Street is hosting a webinar series devoted to the evolving threat landscape and what cybersecurity executives and their organizations can do to mitigate the risk of a cyberattack.

CISOs and their organizations are facing a revolution in cybercrime. Organized crime syndicates, nation states and other sophisticated bad actors deploy massive resources to steal corporate data. The Dark Web hosts an organized marketplace where brokers connect buyers and sellers in commodities like stolen PII and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Cybercrime, particularly malware and supply chain attacks, has in turn dramatically accelerated, culminating in a cumulative loss of $4.2 billion in the United States in 2020. This figure excludes the legal, forensics and other related expenses in the aftermath of a breach, adding billions more in losses. CISOs must respond with a revolution of their own, a revolution in cybersecurity.

Moderated by Laureen Smith, Accellion’s Vice President for Global Strategic Alliances and CISO Street host, these webinars feature strategic approaches and best practices to cybersecurity’s biggest challenges, including ransomware, legacy software, incident response, and more. Previous webinars have featured executives from Microsoft, FireEye Mandiant, Credit Suisse, Accellion, Hunton Andrews Kurth, and other leading organizations.

Upcoming webinars for the remainder of 2021, held on the second Thursday of each month, include:

  • “The Race to Secure Your Supply Chain,” July 8th, 11am PT – Best in class cybersecurity solutions won’t protect your organization if the attacker exploits one of your vulnerable partners. Cybersecurity leaders from Carnegie Mellon University, Cognizant, and Arconic share their best practices for mitigating supply chain risk.
  • “Don’t Be Held Up for Ransom(ware),” July 22nd, 11am PT – Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and the payouts are staggering. Ransomware experts from the FBI, FireEye Mandiant, and Texas Children’s Hospital share best practices for protecting your organization from ransomware and minimizing its impact to your business.
  • “The Cybercrime Revolution,” August 12th, 11am PT – It’s a great time to be a cybercriminal. They are arguably the biggest innovators in technology today. Join his panel discussion on how the threat landscape has changed and what CISOs are doing to combat this cybercrime revolution.
  • “Zero Trust is Not Enough,” September 9th, 11am PT – The Zero Trust model is a big step forward in protecting organizations, but is it enough? Equipped with endless time and resources, cybercriminals will find a way to steal credentials and attack new zero trust systems directly. Learn the technologies and tactics CISOs are applying beyond Zero Trust.
  • “Disrupting Advanced Persistent Threats,” October 14th, 11am PT – APTs have set a new bar for sophisticated cyberattacks. Organizations can respond by taking the fight to the enemy. Join cybersecurity technology executives to learn the latest strategies and technologies of active defense platforms.
  • “Cybercriminals are Watching You, Are You Watching Them?” November 11th, 11am PT – Cybercriminals know everything about us and we know very little about them. Organizations eliminate vulnerable points of entry with enhanced visibility and intelligence. Learn what cybersecurity leaders are doing in counterintelligence to respond to cyberthreats in real time.

To learn more and register for these webinars, please visit:

About CISO Street
CISO Street™ is an online community for cybersecurity professionals. CISO Street is sponsored by Accellion, provider of Kiteworks®, the industry’s first content firewall for protecting risky third party communications with secure emailsecure file sharingsecure mobilesecure web formsmanaged file transfer, and governed SFTP servers. Follow CISO Street on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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