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Purchasing Power Revealed in Real-Time explained by Crypto Currency Codes

SAN DIEGO, May 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bitcoin‘s (BTC) rally over the last year has also seen plenty of volatility in price movement. Recent stability, though, has opened up the possibility for holders of the cryptocurrency to get a fairly firm understanding of their buying power.

With that in mind, a new real-time table keeps track of what 1 bitcoin can buy at this very moment.

Those who would like to drive away in a brand new USD $35,000 electric car can do so and even keep 0.58 BTC change. What’s more, they can even pay directly with the cryptocurrency thanks to that company’s decision in February to accept bitcoin as a payment method.

And while one unit of the cryptocurrency is not quite enough to purchase a shiny new four wheel drive SUV valued today at 0.60 BTC, it can just about buy a 1KG gold bar.

If cars and gold aren’t appealing, other items tracked by the real-time table show that one unit of the cryptocurrency can also buy you:

  • 8.12 Jet skis
  • 7.89 Hot tubs
  • 1.33 World cruises
  • 255 Years of TV Premium Subscription

With Bitcoin forecast by some industry commentators to reach as high as $100,000 in 2021, many will likely want to keep theirs firmly in their wallet for now.

To see what else 1 BTC buys at this very moment, see the full real-time table here.

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