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Sword Group

Results for the First Quarter of 2021

Outperformance of all the Indicators

Consolidated Revenue: €47.4 m

Organic Growth at constant perimeter and constant exchange rates: +17.0%

EBITDA Margin: 13.7%


Q1 (1)
€m 2021 2020 (2)
Revenue 47.4 40.5
EBITDA 6.5 4.7
EBITDA Margin 13.7% 11.5%

(1) non audited figures – (2) 2020 figures from the 2021 perimeter adjusted with the variation in exchange rates

In the first quarter of 2021, the Group achieved organic growth of +17.0% against a budget of 13%, and profitability of 13.7% against a budget of 13%.

This outperformance includes all the Group’s entities.

Added to this is the maintenance of our backlog at the same level as on 31 December 2020, while this backlog always historically experiences a slight drop in the first quarter of each year.

Regarding the R&D initiative managed by the GRC entity, it is now underway thanks to an extremely ambitious recruitment plan in Maidenhead.

The constraints caused by the health issues have been managed remarkably by the local directors who have adapted to the context of each country without any negative impact on our business.

OUTLOOK 2021-2024
The Group not only confirms its 2021 objectives, but remains extremely confident in the 2024 business plan presented at the last financial analysts’meeting.


Additional Dividend proposed to the Annual General Meeting: €4.8 gross per share

Ex-Date: 07/05/2021

Payment Date: 11/05/2021


28/04/21: Annual general Meeting (2020 Accounts)

11/05/21: Payment of dividend

28/07/21: 2021 Second Quarter Revenue Second

About Sword Group

Sword has 1,900+ IT/Digital & Software specialists present over 5 continents to accompany you in the growth of your organisation in the digital age.

As a leader in technological and digital transformation, Sword has a solid reputation in software publishing and in complex IT & business project management.

Sword optimises your processes and enhances your data.


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