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New York, NY, April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kamola Fayzullaeva is driven by innovation and design, where the best of both worlds come together for a great purpose. Her background in UX, and UI creation is not only incredibly useful in and of itself, but also when combined with the tech field. “I have always loved solving problems,” Kamola says. Her speciality is product optimization, and is currently the lead product designer for Roomster Corporation. 

“At Roomster I’m in charge of the entire process of creating products and usable experiences, starting with defining the problems of real people and thinking about their possible solutions.

Currently, I collaborate with the software engineers team and manage a wide variety of tasks involving UI and UX design, illustrations, and branding. I am responsible for analysis, wireframes, sitemaps, user flows, concept sketches and visual design across all three platforms,” Komola explains. Her expertise is significant and heavily contributes to user design and product readiness.

“I look out for any problems and make sure that the product is viable,” she says. Home cooking is a viable product and it was where the idea for Tie Apron came from. “I did some research on home cooked meals and found that there a lot of home cooks that made food. Some would have a business but didn’t have the income to market themselves, so I created a tool for them. Tie Apron is an app used to buy homemade food. There isn’t anything like it so far, we only have indirect competition such as Uber Eats and Postmates,” She explains. Kamola wants to inspire those and assist where she can to create the best experience possible.

Kamola has made significant contributions to the tech and production space. Her background is unique and has a lot to do with user experience and interface, this allows her to contribute fully and understand user’s concerns and problems for optimal function and ease of use. Her work is very involved and customer oriented. She prides herself in doing the best for the product and interface.

With product design in mind, Kamola’s skills encompass visual communication and presenting all of the parts in ways that show the design and potential for the product. Being that her background extends to web design, her combined skills is what sets her apart from others in her field. She has a strong take-charge attitude that translates well into her work and passions. In her industry, she is incredibly valuable and expertise that can be utilized in a number of different fields. “If you have an idea that you think is great, don’t wait till somebody implements your dream to reality, do it yourself.”

So far, Komola’s experience has been very impressive. She has redesigned all platforms of Roomster. She takes web interface to new heights, carrying out a number of chic redesigns, and making branding refreshing and eye catching. Her marketability speaks for itself in every way.

Kamola Fayzullaeva is senior UX/UI designer based out of New York with a background in web and graphic design. She is currently lead product designer at Roomster where she had created and oversaw a complete redesign of the company on every platform it is presented on. She has created an app called Tie Apron specifically designed with home cooks in mind so that if they wanted to grow their food business they could without expensive marketing budgets. Tie Aprons was the winner of a best app award for 2021. Tie Aprons is currently on the Play store for Android, but an iOS app and Web versions will be released at a later time.

CONTACT: Kamola Fayzullaeva
Kamola, Product Designer
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