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SUGAR LAND, Tx., Nov. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AdvoLogix®, a leading provider of cloud-based legal matter management solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies, today announced new features and improvements to AdvoLogix Matter Management. The addition of the American Bar Association’s UTBMS codes that can be customized in AdvoLogix in myriad ways will increase the ease and accuracy of timekeeping. This feature also adds new flexibility and control in developing and managing budgets for clients, matters, phases of matters and more. Several other improvements are included in the release that are designed to increase productivity and improve integrations.

AdvoLogix now has preloaded American Bar Association UTBMS codes that can be customized to create code sets for specific clients, matters, phases of matters and timekeepers. AdvoLogix clients can assign UTBMS code sets to timekeepers based on the nature of their work and use negotiated hourly rates. This allows timekeepers to only see and use the UTBMS codes they need, which assures compliance with client contracts and reduces disputes over invoices. AdvoLogix clients can control who uses which codes according to their roles, set alerts by activity code for going over budget and manage negotiated rates per activity code.

“The new timekeeping features in AdvoLogix give users unprecedented flexibility when it comes to creating and managing budgets. This translates into greater profitability and increased client satisfaction for law firms and allows legal departments better control over costs,” says Jonathan Reed, CEO of AdvoLogix. Users can now create bottom-up budgets based on UTBMS codes where they can include line item details like fees and expenses and see a roll-up estimate for the projected budget. The features also can be used to create a simpler, top-down budget when specific details are not necessary. AdvoLogix allows users to set budget targets, create phases for budgets, review and approve budgets, create budget templates to save time, report on budgets and much more.

“Importantly, the new timekeeping and budgeting features allow users to measure budgets against actuals, giving them greater insight into profitability and the information they need to address any issues that might impact the budget – before they become a problem for the client or stakeholder,” says Dave Schwab, Chief Product Officer at AdvoLogix. “These new features strengthen our leadership position in the legal matter management space. Built on the powerful Salesforce Lightning platform, AdvoLogix Matter Management offers legal professionals a highly secure and extremely robust matter management platform that they can access at any time and from any location.”

Other improvements include a “community accelerator” feature that allows entities to set up and create workflows around accepting requests for legal services such as a city legal matter, a corporate HR matter, a public health inquiry and more. AdvoLogix’s integration with UniCourt is even stronger, with improved usability and automations. Time entry has been improved, with custom fields and increased flexibility as to how and where users enter time.

About AdvoLogix®
Founded in 2006, AdvoLogix is a leading law practice and legal matter management solution that helps law firms, general counsel and state and local governments automate unique business processes and simplify legal matter management. The AdvoLogix cloud-based enterprise solution centralizes matter management, conforms to unique workflows and practice standards and provides industry-leading security and reliability. AdvoLogix offers comprehensive configuration and integration with thousands of add-on applications to extend the solution to meet specific business needs. For more information, visit and follow AdvoLogix on Twitter with @AdvoLogix.

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