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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hasura, the data access infrastructure company, today announced that it is hosting Enterprise GraphQL Conf, a free virtual conference, on October 22 focused on GraphQL’s role in unlocking data and modernizing data access to accelerate product delivery in organizations for enterprise developers and teams:

GraphQL is an open source data query and manipulation specification released in 2015 by Facebook. It is being used in organizations of all sizes today and ushered in speedier delivery cycles, increased developer productivity and enabled modern application development.

Enterprise GraphQL Conf will bring together practitioners and leaders who are spearheading GraphQL powered transformation projects at some of the largest companies in the world, like Airbnb, Optum (part of UnitedHealth Group), SAP, Shopify and Uber.

“In the modern landscape, online data is getting increasingly fragmented across different databases, internal/legacy services and even SaaS vendors. GraphQL is becoming the modern data access layer that allows for this polyglot data to be accessed securely and is accelerating developer productivity and time to market,” said Tanmai Gopal, co-founder and CEO of Hasura. “This event brings together some amazing success stories and compelling panel conversations for the architect and technical leader.”

Hasura is also hosting a workshop on building an enterprise-grade data access layer with GraphQL and Hasura on October 21, the day before Enterprise GraphQL Conf.

Hasura’s ability to auto-generate modern, GraphQL based APIs and its built-in security, governance and scalability features mean developers can rapidly build applications that connect to data without waiting for costly, time-consuming infrastructure projects to finish building the pieces they need. Instead, they can concentrate on solving business problems with data and rapidly build and ship applications that add value to their organizations. The speed and flexibility provided by Hasura is truly transformative for organizations trapped in outdated ways of working.

About Hasura
Hasura is helping to build the modern world of globally relevant, data-driven applications and APIs. Hasura’s range of data access solutions helps organizations accelerate product delivery by instantly connecting data and services to applications with GraphQL APIs. For more information, go to: or follow @HasuraHQ.

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