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Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imagine sitting at a bar with friends enjoying a drink and wings while watching your favorite team play. Now, imagine doing this and making money. It seems impossible right? Not to Ryan O’Rourke who created a mathematical system that is turning sports fans into investors! 

Stay tuned, Nvule Studios, will cover Ryan O’Rourke, a successful sports consultant based in Arizona, to give you the information you need to start using his mathematical system to find the best value in sports. 

What do you want to be known for in this industry? 

“I want the opportunity to get my information in front of the right people…” Ryan remarked when asked what he wants to be known for in the sports consulting industry. 

“I do not oversell my picks — I take my time and make sure that my clients I’m working with are making smart investments.” 

Meet Ryan O’Rourke:

Ryan O’Rourke, a former Division 1 collegiate baseball player at Arizona State University, created a system using six different mathematical formulas that allow him to have a competitive edge when analyzing sports games. Coupled with his mathematical system is his 20 years of experience playing baseball at the highest collegiate level which has given him insight and intuition to know what players are going through, so he can spot minute details others may overlook. 

O’Rourke’s latest win and analysis came with the Kansas City Baltimore football game where all six of his formulas matched — signifying that there was an 80% chance that his pick would cover. It did and O’Rourke’s clients walked away from that game with their hands in the air and their pockets full. 

Customer Service:

As an individual running his business — O’Rourke understands the importance of customer service and emphasizes catering to his clients needs. 

“Some people want more of an explanation over an analysis. Some people want their picks through texts. Some people just want a winning percentage and nothing else.” Ryan stated. Each client is different and depending on the client, O’Rourke caters to his clients needs and sees his attention to customer service as something that differentiates himself from everyone else. 

As sports betting becomes more streamlined in big media outlets, more people who have no experience in sports betting will start to become curious and eventually partake. O’Rourke essentially wants to provide a service that allows individuals, regardless of experience, to get started with sports betting and turn it into a second stream of income. 

Free Week Approach:

O’Rourke believes in a meritocracy. In other words, one’s ability to do something will be in direct relation to what they receive. O’Rourke knows there’s thousands of sports consultants claiming certain records, but a lot of these sports consultants are either looking for a quick profit or are broadcasting faulty information. As a result, O’Rourke wants to show his results to new clients by giving them a free week, at no risk, in order to prove why he is the best.

To get started, send O’Rourke a direct message on Instagram or message him on Facebook referencing this article. 

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