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Jackson, MS, Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Financial Coaching Duo – Brandi Gray and Cynathia Cortese – are on a mission to help people belonging to minority communities become financially sound and free.

Oftentimes, hailing from a marginalized community means your people, your culture, and the struggle of your culture are not very well advocated for and represented at administrative levels. It in turn boils down to inequitable opportunities for those marginalized communities, which further represses their trajectory forwards success and wealth. Brandi Gray and Cynathia Cortese are helping make that dream a reality for minorities through their Facebook Group and company Wealth Matrix Financial. 

The group already has over 17,000 members. Wealth Matrix Financial also has a website that has a lot of testimonies from people who Gray & Cortese have helped in the past. 

Brandi coaches people regarding credit, real estate investing, and business while Cynathia covers life insurance, credit, taxes, stocks, and investing. Together, they have created a safe space for people looking for honest and sincere help to better their financial standpoint.

Through the website of Wealth Matrix Financial, the duo schedule webinars. They also have options to book for one-on-one sessions with their clients. The Facebook Group of Wealth Matrix Financial is a common learning space where they impart their knowledge and wisdom on their respective subjects for those who are a part of that group.

They provide services in:

  1. Credit Repair
  2. Financial Coaching
  3. Tax Preparation
  4. Retirement plans
  5. Real Estate Investing and many more.

They also arrange webinars on the subject of:

  1. Business 101
  2. Multiple Streams Of Income
  3. Credit Card 101
  4. Tax Prep
  5. Credit Coaching and many more.

They also have a link on their website that redirects you to property available for sale featured as an option.

You can join their Facebook group at this address. You can also check out their website Wealth Matrix Financial. Brandi Gray and Cynathia Cortese help thousands of people on the daily for free by empowering them and giving them the financial tools to reach their goals.

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Wealth Matrix Financial
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