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Evanston, USA, Sept. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ByDzyne is launching an innovative hybrid e-commerce platform called BOS.Club. The “BOS” acronym stands for “ByDzyne Online Savings.”  With these e-commerce products, consumers will shop like a boss with special BOS.Club prices.  Consumers will enjoy maximum BOS.Club benefits upon becoming a subscriber.   A ByDzyne executive explained that the goal of BOS.Club is to bring to the subscriber the best possible prices on high quality products and services from different parts of the world. With the subscription, one has the opportunity to take part in what the executive referred to as the  “Amazon” of Network Marketing.

In making this announcement, the company executive said that ByDzyne is not a single product category business. Rather, they are continuously innovating to introduce products in multiple categories that deliver a wide range of benefits to their customers.

With an approach that is disrupting the traditional industry model, ByDzyne is leading a New Era of network marketing by partnering with industry leaders across the board, offering the best services and products. With products in categories ranging from online marketing powered by artificial intelligence, forex education, travel, CBD, skincare, weight management, and wellness.  This is only the beginning of an expansive product offering.  With this ever-evolving product innovation, ByDzyne offers an unrivalled Power of Choice.

Calling it the fastest growing trend, the company executive added that dramatically increasing numbers of people today prefer to buy online, with retail stores going out of business in many parts of the world. It is expected that by 2021, worldwide e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.9 trillion.  This will demand that retail product and service companies must adapt to current needs and trends. 

ByDzyne is perfectly positioned as a company that provides top class products and services, providing hundreds of products and solutions to its customers. This dynamic company is led by visionary leadership that has come from years of experience through worldwide engagement in the industry. Its services, according to the company executive, are enriching people’s lives all over the world, covering more than seventy-seven countries in a matter of one year.

“This is just the beginning.  Our success trajectory is going exactly where we expected.  We are committed to providing all of our customers with a broad spectrum Power of Choice while offering tremendous value for the money they spend,” commented the ByDzyne executive. 

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