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Liupanshui city, China, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Passionate Rock-Climbing Event is Over. Farewell to the Charming Zhong Mountain, Liangdu, China

A hearty climbing, a high-level competition, a carnival of speed and passion, and a competition with never-give-up spirit started in a 19 ℃ summer in Liangdu, China. On August 30, the activities of Yuezhao Health Preservation Valley in Zhongshan District, Liupanshui, Guizhou and the Liangdu, China·The Climbing Week at Liupanshui Shendiao Peak were successfully finished.

In this climbing week, speed, difficulty, rock climbing, artificial and natural rock-climbing contests were set up, which were divided into men’s and women’s groups. Nearly 200 athletes from 20 provinces and cities in China (including Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and some foreign athlete residents in China) participated in the competitions. As the first important climbing event in Guizhou in 2020, the organizer specially invited dozens of national climbers and popular climbers representing the highest level of domestic rock-climbing industry, such as Xiang Chunhong, Qu Changfeng, Huang Zhouwen, Liu Yongcheng, etc. to celebrate this climbing week. The event was full of celebrities and masters. They competed with each other. The significant meaning of the event can be seen. The wonderful competition attracted thousands of tourists and locals. After two days of fierce competition, the major awards were presented to different people, and the competition finished successfully.

Liangdu, China·The Climbing Week at Liupanshui Shendiao Peak is not only a technical exchange event of domestic climbing industry, but also a cultural feast to promote rock climbing and local city features. The organizer carefully planned and organized various cultural exchange events including master sharing meeting, rock climbing equipment exhibition, audio-visual fashion party, Guizhou intangible cultural heritage performance at weekends and so on. The winner of the 2019 Lawrence World Sports Award, the story prototype of the movie “Climber”, the first Chinese to climb Mount Everest with artificial limbs, and the Chinese mountaineer, Mr. Xia Boyu, all came to Liangdu to support the rock climbing week, to share their life stories of rock climbing with the spirit of never giving up.

Yuezhao Health Valley in Zhongshan District is a typical karst landform. A large number of enthusiasts come to rock climb every year. After more than two years of planning and route building, nearly 200 high-quality climbing routes have been developed around the cliff of Shendiao Peak. 30 middle and high-level climbing routes have been used in the climbing week, which greatly improved the quality of the competition. It shows the support of Liupanshui City to rock climbing.

In the future, relying on the climate advantages and the abundant natural ecological resources of Zhongshan District, Liupanshui City will ambitiously invest in the development of mountain outdoor sports resources and create a Yuezhao rock climbing town. It will provide the most comfortable sports experience place for more rock-climbing enthusiasts and sports athletes in the hot summers. With the high requirements, high standards, high quality sports events, we can promote the mountain outdoor sports projects to plant, grow and thrive. With the “Liangdu advantages” and “Zhongshan mode”, we can promote the development and innovation of sports tourism integration industry, to develop Guizhou and to contribute to China.

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