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Santa Clara, USA, Aug. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — We all have that friend who’s late at every party. They will text you that they’re 5 minutes away from their bed. You have to start calling them up an hour earlier to nag them into getting up and getting ready for the event. More often than not, they’re still going to be late. It would be so much easier if you could actually see in real-time whether they’ve actually even left their house as they tell you they’re almost there!

Teenagers are always looking to get away with more than what they’re allowed. They want more time. They wanna attend more parties. They want to go to more places. And no matter what, they’re going to try to get away with it. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could see where they are as they’re calling you so you know they are not trying to pull a fast one on you?

When you’re planning a quick meet up with friends on a group call, it would save everyone a lot of headache if you could see where each member of the call is at that very moment. You could easily pick a venue that everyone can get to easily. 

The solution to all inconveniences like these is inSircle. inSircle is more than a location sharing app. It is, in fact, a personal contact app that comes with a full suite of popular communication tools such as messaging, peer-to-peer video call and a meetup scheduler in one user-friendly app package, but with inSircle one-tap location sharing technology at its core. inSircle integrates location sharing options into every method of contact in a single package to remove you from the burden of switching apps and navigating between them when you need to multi-task.

There are ways to share your location in many of the messaging and chat apps out there. But none makes locating and contacting someone as simple as inSircle. In one masterful craft, inSircle makes it easy for users to remove countless inconveniences from our daily life with its well-designed app.

“Our one-tap location sharing technology does not only address the “WHERE” question in contact app to make it super easy for users to locate the people in their life in stressful and non-stressful situations, but also come with a full suite of media contact apps to make reaching out easy without the hassle of switching and navigating between apps as well.” elucidates Peter Pham, the CEO of inSircle. “No matter where you are and what you do, traveling or in a crowded place, your people are just a few taps away.” he added.

Share location with only one tap

Imagine, while on a call, you can share your location with the other callers with only a single tap. Or plan an event in a group chat and later track where everyone is and when will they arrive. Sync up your timings so no member of the group ends up sitting around waiting for everyone else to show up.

Imagine if you are in a big crowded place and trying to find someone, you don’t have to look around standing up on your toes or wave at strangers awkwardly until you realize that’s not who you’re looking for. Just use inSircle to share your exact location and wait for them to come to you using their inSircle app.

Imagine when you are picking up a friend or relative at the airport. With all the varying factors such as flight delay, traffic, airport familiarity, … come into play, it could be a time-consuming and frustrating experience trying to locate one another at a huge airport; especially, if you are not familiar with the airport landscape.

inSircle also lets you set up a location sharing group where you can conveniently share your location with a group of people on-demand, again, with only a single tap. It is an easy way for you to keep your group’s count and where they are while you are traveling or shopping or coming to a crowded event such as a concert, sport or conference event, or just to keep everyone aware of your location when venturing into the unknown for an adventure! 

The ideal app for parents

The next time your child claims they are stuck in traffic while they are still at the party, you don’t have to pace around the house wondering when they’ll get home. You can simply connect inSircle to their smart watches, see for yourself where they are and make sure they are safe and sound on the way home. When sending your children on school trips, keep yourself apprised of their locations at all times. Get alerts on your inSircle app when they arrive at their destination and when they leave for home.

Messaging and video conference calls

While traveling afar on vacation or a business trip, inSircle app will keep you in close contact with your family, friends and teammates in many ways. With a tap of a button, you can locate your loved ones to make sure nothing is out of normal or to re-live the routine at home, and with another tap, you can enter a chat session or make a video conference call to share your moment with them. Best of all, there is per-minute charge whatsoever.

Schedule meet ups without headaches

Share your location with inSircle and create events with friends. inSircle will alert you when they are leaving the house, when they arrive at the venue and when they are on the way. Remove any possibility for confusion as everyone waits for others to leave for the event so they can leave too. Immediately see when everyone is leaving and save everyone’s time guessing.

Keep track of your business

inSircle business app lets you find and track your employees at all times. Salesmen, delivery persons, mobile asset tracking and much more. Keep yourself apprised of your staff’s comings and goings so you can improve your team’s productivity.

inSircle offers affordable packages for businesses to help establish trust and improve efficiency of your employees so you don’t have to worry about whether they’re actually working from home or just turned on their computers and left. Find where your salesmen are spending their time and which areas are being neglected. Figure out which areas are your delivery team wasting the most time on so you can redirect them to better suited routes.

We could pick countless moments from our daily lives which would become a little less hassle if you could just quickly locate someone without the cumbersome process of existing location sharing solutions. inSircle has just made that happen by enabling location sharing a lot easier and smarter. With every type of messaging and connection app out there, inSircle stands out as it smartly integrates location sharing functionality seamlessly into your communication options. Smartphone users, novice or expert, can now fully benefit from location sharing functionality with ease. 

Download the app today and find exciting ways you can save yourself and people in your network time and unnecessary stressful anxiety as you can easily communicate and share location with one another when you need it most!

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