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PreView’s Facial Coding Technology Provides Advertisers with A True Measure of Human Response To Commercial Messaging

NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Realeyes, a leading computer vision and emotion artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced today the launch of its PreView attention measurement system. PreView is built on the most advanced facial coding technology and machine learning (ML) to provide marketers a true measure of consumer attention and emotional response so they can optimize advertising creative and increase quality exposure. 

Chief marketing officers, brand managers, media buyers and creative strategists can use Realeyes PreView to identify and test the ads and creative elements that are the most compelling to consumers and deliver the best attention outcomes. PreView is purpose-built for speed and scale across large portfolios of video content globally.

Using front-facing cameras to analyze facial coding data of opt-in viewers as they watch video content online, Realeyes PreView allows advertisers to optimize their content and targeting. The system provides predictive in-market performance metrics like second-by-second audience retention, ability to capture and hold attention in the first seconds, and presence of emotional peaks that lead to memorability. PreView combines these scores into an overall Quality Score, a power ranking that quickly reveals a video’s propensity to deliver attention outcomes. All scores are delivered in context of competitive benchmarks and geographic norms.  

“Facial coding and emotion AI allows us to optimize for business outcomes, like optimal video duration and recall,” said Caroline Hugonenc, Global VP of Research & Insights at Teads. “Using PreView we can advise our clients on how to adapt their creative to mobile and what minimum visible time will be ideal to make the most of their asset.”

Teads recently partnered with Realeyes to design a test with 8 brands to understand how simple optimizations (e.g. the addition of logos, captions and skins) drove both in-lab attention metrics, in-market branding metrics and importantly, how the two measures linked.

Teads established that adding basic edits improved ad awareness by 19% versus original assets, with individual uplifts of up to 77%. A 10% lift in Realeyes’ attention quality metrics led to an average 25% lift in in-market ad awareness.

“Paid media investments make no guarantee of audience attention, so responsible advertisers must measure and manage their investments to attention outcomes,” said Mihkel Jäätma, CEO of Realeyes. “PreView helps advertisers maximize audience retention and quality of exposures by understanding variables across their creative portfolio including duration, platform ad formats and key storytelling moments.”

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About Realeyes

Using front-facing cameras and the latest in computer vision and machine learning technologies, Realeyes measures how people feel as they watch video content online, enabling brands, agencies and media companies to inform and optimize their content as well as target their videos at the right audiences. Realeyes’ technology applies facial coding to predictive, big-data analytics, driving bottom-line business outcomes for brands and publishers.

Founded in 2007, Realeyes has offices in New York, London, Tokyo and Budapest. Customers include brands such as Mars Inc, AT&T, Hershey’s and Coca-Cola, agencies Ipsos, MarketCast and Publicis, and media companies such as Warner Media and Teads.

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