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New York City, USA, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vieue Clothing Brand founder Jarred Rosenberg grew up surrounded by streetwear giants like Supreme, Stussy, and A Bathing Ape in Long Island, New York. Being raised around iconic fashion, Rosenberg’s passion for streetwear has only grown over the years. Now, coupled with his background in business, Rosenberg has been filling empty spaces he sees throughout the fashion industry with his company Vieue Clothing Brand.

Vieue Clothing Brand is a New York brand established in 2019 that takes inspiration from around the globe. Embodying style in comfort, Vieue Clothing Brand aims to dress anyone with a line that delivers high-quality clothing and celebrates bold simplicity. A large amount of time and effort of the company is put into sourcing top-quality materials, while keeping their ethics at the forefront. Vieue Clothing Brand works with eco-friendly facilities to save water and reduce energy consumption. By way of these ethical methods, Vieue Clothing Brand’s products consist of premium clothing that puts Mother Nature first.

Always being one step ahead, Vieue Clothing Brand carefully analyzes the desires and requests from customers, providing exactly what the people want. The company’s methods have proven successful following a well-heeled launch. After the announcement of Vieue’s inaugural line, the initial inventory was sold-out within the first four days of pre-sale leading up to its online debut.

Jarred Rosenberg, founder and entrepreneur powerhouse behind Vieue Clothing Brand, has gone above and beyond to make his dream a reality. When asked about how he has attained his success, Rosenberg said, “it takes doing the things others won’t. It requires persistence, reflection, and consistency.” By studying his father’s successful endeavors, he was inspired and well-equipped to acknowledge his visions and bring them to fruition. Along with obtaining his MBA, Jarred is also a Doctor of Pharmacy. “We are all capable of being successful at what we set our minds to…,” Rosenberg continues, “you need to teach yourself when to keep your head down and work, and when to look up, and learn from what is around you.”

Jarred Rosenberg and the Vieue Clothing Brand team will be working hard to push their vision forward and expand their influence in the coming years. They are aiming to turn Vieue Clothing Brand into an international retailer of authentic streetwear but are not limiting themselves, as they are always looking to expand into other facets of the fashion industry. “We invite you to join us on our journey of bringing you the only clothing you’ll want to wear.”

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