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NEW YORK, June 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tory Waligroski Tells Imperium Group How to Create Scalable Content

Getting paid to post on social media and create content is an amazing job that many people want but most are unable to achieve. With the amount of people that come to Los Angeles to post photos and videos just to end up working at a coffee shop it is no wonder how we reached a population of nearly 4 million. Tory Waligroski added to this group of people who moved to Los Angeles to start a career but he did not end up working at a coffee shop. Tory moved from Daytona Beach, Florida in 2015. At the time he had absolutely no following and nothing that would guarantee a successful career, except his entrepreneurial skills and hard working mindset. Using social media to create a career is very difficult and it requires the same skills required to create a company. 

After moving to Los Angeles Tory could not just post any content that he wanted to in hopes that millions would enjoy it, he had to carefully decide which platform he would be using and what type of content he would be posting. He landed on Vine for the platform due to how popular it was at the time. He then began creating funny and relatable content for his personal account that he knew his audience would enjoy and watch. His personal account had nearly one million followers at the peak of his career. He utilized the following that he gained on his personal account and used it to create publicity for his other non personal accounts. By creating multiple accounts he allowed himself to post different content and gather an even larger audience. His combined following for all of his non personal accounts equated to over nine million followers. 

After gaining a very impressive following on vine Tory expanded out into other platforms and created a name for himself in Youtube but ended up deciding on Instagram for his new platform. Tory harnessed his Entrepreneurial attitude once again and took advantage of the lack of available cannabis content on social media. Facebook does not allow cannabis content or paid ads to be posted so he turned to Instagram and created somewhere for Cannabis enthusiasts to indulge in their desired content. He has created multiple pages over time which gained lots of success and he has since sold most of them. Currently speaking Tory has the pages @weed and @baked in his possession. 

These two pages provide quality content for the cannabis community and have a combined following of over 1.15 million followers. Just as he has done before, Tory could not stay put and took advantage of another opportunity to use his current followers to gain even more. He worked his way up from the very specific cannabis community and created a more general comedy page for a larger audience to enjoy. He owns the popular comedy page, @fuckboy, and it currently has 285 thousand followers. He has nearly 1.3 million combined followers across all his accounts.

Tory took a risk on his capacities and he has done what a great many people fantasize about doing. He had the option to utilize his important range of abilities to make content for millions and has made a whole profession out of it. Even in the wake of losing Vine he was able to adjust to another content outlet and exploit the neglected industry of cannabis. He has made some amazing progress in the short a long time since moving to Los Angeles and it is impressive how he did everything. As it stands it isn’t for sure what Tory has available for the future however I am extremely sure that he will keep growing his career as he has been doing since he started. 

Shazir Mucklai

Imperium Group

[email protected]

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