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RICHARDSON, Texas, April 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In response to the operational disruption caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, Long Range Systems (LRS) is equipping businesses with the ability to immediately deploy scalable contact-free solutions with LRS Connect.  Essential businesses across the retail, grocery, healthcare, restaurant and hospitality industries are facing evolving customer engagement processes with increasing requirements to protect public health. Rapidly deploying LRS Connect enables these businesses to quickly adapt to changing needs with abilities to meter people entering a location or to engage people curbside. This solution ensures that essential businesses are able to provide their services in a safe manner.

“With delivering our rapid deployment solution, we’re focused on helping as much as we can to keep businesses open, customers engaged, and products delivered,” said John Weber, chief executive officer, Long Range Systems. “It’s imperative that we do our part to support our customers that are doing a great service for their communities right now.”

LRS Connect requires no change in current ordering process, no app, nor integration. The ability to turn any parking lot into a curbside delivery or pick-up zone with add-ons like parking cones and signs makes this a scalable solution for any size business. The platform is easy to set-up and comes out of the box with a notification system that allows for customer or patient self-check-ins, notifications, and alerts enabling increasing operational efficiencies immediately and long after society emerges from the COVID-19 emergency health crisis. Success with the contactless platform is already being realized by businesses across multiple industries:

  • Retail and Grocery customers report the ability to smoothly control the entry of people to the store to adhere to new occupancy limitations as well as increasing their curbside delivery or pick-up capacity to match the influx of online orders.
  • Healthcare providers are able to keep their patients socially distanced from each other by being able to move their waiting room outside.
  • Restaurant and Hospitality customers are able to remain open providing to-go, curbside delivery or pick-up options of meals, alcoholic beverages, and basic grocery items to their customers.

LRS Connect is available immediately for any business that needs to adapt their service delivery model.

About Long Range Systems

Long Range Systems (LRS) is dedicated to technologies that help businesses provide a better customer experience and enhance operations management. We know businesses need simple solutions that streamline communications between guests and staff. LRS integrates state-of-the-art messaging and tracking equipment with best-in-class software. Our solutions include paging, messaging devices, tracking devices, indoor positioning, and guest management solutions; all of which offer businesses confidence and certainty that operations are running smoothly while guests, customers, and patients are well cared for. LRS patented technologies are in over 80,000 businesses and 50 countries around the world.

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