NNIT and HK extend and expand collaboration

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NNIT wins tender and extends twelve-year collaboration with another up to seven years.

Copenhagen, April 2, 2020 – NNIT, a leading provider of IT services and consultancy, announces that it has signed a new agreement with HK. Denmark’s largest union for salaried employees with 230,000 members brings together the responsibility for the operation of the entire IT infrastructure in the hands of NNIT.

Since 2008, NNIT has overseen operations for the basic infrastructure, and HK has, after a recently completed tender, assigned NNIT responsibility for the complete operations of the organization’s entire IT infrastructure. The cooperation is extended as takes over responsibility for the operation of HK’s core applications and the skeleton under them.

At NNIT, who is already in charge of application operations for several of Denmark’s largest companies, employees welcome the new agreement, says Jacob Hahn Michelsen, Senior Vice President, NNIT A/S:
“Our employees are very pleased with this sign of confidence as the cooperation with HK is both extended and expanded in scope, – you simply do not get any better proof of customer satisfaction.”

He adds that the contract was signed digitally on March 31, 2020 where the majority of employees in both organizations worked at home as a result of the COVID-19 situation:
“We must wait with the handshakes, high-fives and shoulder pats until it becomes safe. For now, we’re doing things over phone, email and digital platforms.”

The expanded cooperation provides new tasks, which is entirely in line with NNIT’s new strategy. These include cybersecurity deliveries, Microsoft standard solutions such as Teams, and ongoing infrastructure modernization. All server infrastructure is lifted into NNIT’s private cloud and becomes software-controlled, allowing HK to adjust it much faster in the future. All solutions which are in line with the “Winning Solutions” portfolio that NNIT focuses on.

The agreement between HK and NNIT has been extended with additional five years with the possibility of up to two years’ extension and represents a high double-digit million DKK turnover in total.


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