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Israeli Startup Brings PTO-Lauded AI Tools to U.S. IP Counsel

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fresh off a first place finish in the Israel Patent Office’s test of automated patent search tools, Tel Aviv-based Similari launches its patent analysis services in the United States market. Utilizing the powers of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), the deep learning engine revolutionizes patent searching, saving users money, time and effort.

Similari automatically analyzes a new invention by comparing it to a database of millions of patent records to find relevant prior art results in a matter of seconds — streamlining the entire patent search process and eliminating human error. The technology compares full documents’ content and ideas — not just words. It is this recognition of the textual relationships that describe scientific concepts that allows the engine to compare inventions more accurately than traditional search methods.

In an examination of automated AI search tools commissioned by the Israel Patent Office earlier this year, Similari achieved the highest rating for search accuracy results among numerous companies that submitted requests to participate in the test. Only four leading companies were invited to the final testing phase, aimed at identifying similar references, which define prior art that would preclude the grant of a patent. With fully automated search, Similari’s AI engine easily tackled the most relevant patents at the top of the search results – simulating a patent examiner’s routine search workflow.

“We are three best friends who were challenged by our business partners to leverage our passion for AI and machine learning to reinvent the patent search process – labor intensive research that relies on manual and keyword-based searches; involves large, dense databases; and is highly prone to human error,” said Udi Cohen, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “We rose to the challenge, and while we have already passed muster in Israel through our top ranking, we are eagerly anticipating the results of testing by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.”

In the United States, Similari offers two business model options – a SaaS subscription and managed service searches. The technology is currently being used by intellectual property (IP) firms and in-house departments throughout Israel. Operating in beta mode, Similari’s U.S.-based users include Imperva, a cybersecurity software and services company, as well as other public and private entities.

Co-founded by Udi Cohen (CEO), Ori Calvo (CTO) and Tommy Sandbank (CRO) in 2018, Similari brought together a team of technology experts in the field of AI, NLP, deep learning, IP and IP litigation with extensive technical, marketing and sales experience. The team also has extensive hands-on experience in the patent world as active inventors across multiple patents, covering numerous fields and technologies.

About Similari

The Similari patent search platform automatically reads and analyzes patents to understand the idea behind their long formal text, then searches through large databases to find the most similar documents, all in a matter of seconds. Similari’s technology enables enterprises to utilize their patent portfolio budget wisely and avoid wasting money on dead-end paths.

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