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Aislelabs has put together a new case study based on their client Pizza Nova

TORONTO, July 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aislelabs Inc. is pleased to announce they have released a new case study with Pizza Nova. The Canadian pizza chain was founded on May 12th, 1963 by a young family of Italian immigrants and has grown to 140 outlets across Ontario.

In an effort to drive repeat footfall and increase sales using marketing technology, Pizza Nova found challenges in building their CRM efficiently. Not only were there obstacles for online customer acquisition, but offline as well with a large majority of customers visiting physical locations.

With Aislelabs’ enterprise-grade WiFi marketing and location analytics, Pizza Nova witnessed impressive results. They were able to build a rich CRM with hundreds of thousands of user opt-ins and drove sales.

“Aislelabs helped us to create an emotional experience with our customers,” said Ali Kiafar, Director of IT for Pizza Nova. “We are now able to better anticipate our customer expectations and have built a strong brand loyalty. We are constantly exploring Aislelabs platform to engage with our customers and are keen on sharing our learnings with our peers.”

The new Aislelabs case study details how the product suite helped Pizza Nova leverage collected demographic and behavioural information from each customer for intelligent segmentation and targeting. It presents how the product suite assessed the in-store and online Return On Investment (ROI) for each campaign, evaluated purchases after a digital campaign had been executed, and what the effect of enabling the Aislelabs solution across 140 stores resulted in. You can learn more about it here.

Aislelabs services numerous industry verticals including airports, retail, brands, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, venues, hospitality, and shopping centres. They work with top-tier property managers around the globe and can support even the largest of enterprise businesses. To learn more about Aislelabs, visit their website at or contact Aislelabs at 1 (888) 765-3645 or by email media(at)aislelabs(dot)com.

About Aislelabs Inc.: Aislelabs is a technology company offering the most advanced WiFi location marketing, advertising, and analytics platform in the market. They help clients build relationships with visitors and shoppers, marketing to them based on their behaviour inside brick-and-mortar spaces. Aislelabs technology empowers their clients to target audiences across all digital channels and create high-impact campaigns with measurable ROI.