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On heels of CRMLS agreement, multi-faceted CRM expands reach to include members of San Diego Multiple Listing Service, Bay East Association of Realtors®, and Contra Costa Association of Realtors®.

San Diego, CA, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LionDesk, a best-in-class sales and marketing platform for sales professionals, having recently inked an agreement with the country’s largest association of real estate agents, California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS), announced today that it entered into a relationship with three more major California associations, the San Diego Multiple Listing Service (SDMLS), the Bay Area’s Contra Costa Association of Realtors® (CCAR), and Bay East Association of Realtors® (BEAR).

LionDesk’s business relationship platform is now easier to access for 23,000 additional California agents through their MLS dashboard to help them compete and better serve buyers and sellers of residential real estate.  

“I realized long ago that sales professionals don’t have a lead generation problem, they have a nurture problem, which is exactly what LionDesk solves,” said David Anderson, Founder and CEO of LionDesk. “Communication matters and by consistently staying top of mind with clients, sales pros will win the business over and over again.”

SDMLS is 28 years-old and serves more than 14,000 southern California members. CCAR is 97-years-old and supports more than 4,000 northern California licensed professionals. BEAR is 97 years-old and serves 5,000 members. All organizations have a history of providing professionals with an innovative array of sales support, administrative structure, and technology solutions.  

CRMLS is the nation’s largest and most recognized subscriber-based MLS, comprised of more than 93,500 members.

In 2018, LionDesk also integrated with Michigan’s largest association, RealComp II, which supports more than 15,000 agents.   

LionDesk offers a best-in-class CRM and Transaction Management system and is coming out with a new version this year after only a few years in production.  

In light of today’s announcements, LionDesk’s valuable feature set is now available to tens of thousands of experienced real estate professionals throughout The Golden State and close to 140,000 nationwide, further demonstrating the importance of providing real estate agents with a central hub of resources to compete with today’s ever-evolving, sometimes bleeding-edge, real estate business models.  

“Associations are time-honored resources for real estate agents, and that’s where we think we can provide the most help,” said Ryan Andrews, who leads LionDesk’s MLS relationships. “We’re looking for more partnerships because MLS leaders know better than anyone what agents need to win deals.”

About LionDesk:
LionDesk  is a best-in-class CRM, Transaction Management and Visual Market Insights platform for sales professionals serving multiple industries including; real estate, mortgage, insurance, and auto.  Designed for ease of use and flexibility, the solution is rooted in customization and productivity, allowing users to build a wide range of engagement and relationship management campaigns to build better long-term business pipelines. LionDesk offers, among other features, intelligent drip campaigns, video emails and texting, text-2-sell tools, social and demographic profiling, and an integrated power-dialer. LionDesk has released its second version into beta testing. Request a free 30-day trial at

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