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  1. Single Parent Struggles 

Single parent struggles can be difficult to deal with on an everyday basis. Most people will experience different levels of these struggles, depending on the level of commitment that they have. The most obvious struggles that single parents deal with are dealing with the daily stress of raising a young child while also dealing with all the other different issues involved in raising children, such as, legal problems, anger issues, disciplinary, etc. Many of the single parents that I have known have dealt with some or all of these things. However, it is not just a matter of how many of these things a single parent has faced; it is also a matter of how they dealt with them and why they were able to deal with them.

There are a lot of single parent families in America. Although the number  decreasing now, there are still many children raised by single parents that don’t receive a fair chance to live out their full potential in this society. It is miserable that some of these children were actually taken away from their parents when they were young and never received the support that they needed to help them succeed in life. Some of these single parent families never had the chance to see their children growing up.

Most single parent struggles seem to be more mental than anything else. Single parents struggle because they have to worry about everything all the time. They always have to be prepared for any situation, because even though they may not be directly responsible for their children’s behavior, they have to be ready for them to act badly. This causes them to have many single parents’ problems, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc….

On the other hand, many single moms seem to be able to get along with their children better when they are married. The problem is that it takes two people to make a marriage work. One of the partners will have to be willing to compromise on their goals for the children. They may have to decide which goals they want for the kids, but at least they will have some order and stability. Being able to stay close with your married friends will also help you stay close with each other, and it helps you to keep the peace in your household.

Many single moms will find themselves trying to solve problems alone. If this is how you feel, then you should know that being a parent is way harder than most people think. It is not enough just to be a good parent, because if you are the only one helping then you will really have a hard time raising the children. Problems alone are never easy to deal with, and if you are the only one raising your child, then you will constantly struggle with raising him or her.

Many single moms feel like they don’t have anyone to turn to when they need support. Sometimes they are lonely and they don’t know where to turn. One of the best things that you can do when you feel like you are having struggles is to find other single parents who have been through the same things as you are. Many divorced or separated couples have online message boards or forums where single parents can connect with each other and get together to talk about their struggles. You may be surprised at how open and helpful these married friends can be to help you out.

It is important for single mothers to understand how being a parent affects their whole well-being as a person as well as their family. It is essential for them to understand the importance of divorce and single parenting. They have to be willing to make the tough decisions as well as learn how to discipline their children without coming across as too harsh. There are many positive aspects of single parenting that many single mothers don’t even realize about themselves.  



  1. Tips To Stay Afloat Mentally And Financially

Financially, single parents are often looked down upon. This is because they raise their children completely on their own. There is no such thing as relying on the kindness of others. And there certainly isn’t any one else that is going to “fix” what you are doing wrong! So, if you are a single parent and you are having financial difficulties, there are a few things you should know in order to survive as a single parent.


Many single parents are either completely unemployed or they work very hard at jobs that pay very little. Often, they have to juggle so many roles in their life and they often don’t have enough free time. It is no wonder that people in these situations feel overwhelmed and underappreciated. But if you are a single parent that has survived and is still surviving, there are certain things you can do to make your life easier and financially better.

Make sure you are doing what you can to advance in your career. You need to set some goals so that you can move forward. It may be difficult but you must be committed to making a positive change in your life. Otherwise, you will simply stagnate. If you have always wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor but have never had the time or money to pursue those dreams, reflect about giving those dreams a shot.

Pursue financial independence. If you have the motivation and the knowledge, it is entirely possible to pursue an education and become a highly paid professional. You will be in a better position to enjoy a successful financial lifestyle if you have the financial freedom to support yourself with your dreams. Pursuing an education can even help you to secure a high paying job!


If you are having trouble getting along in your current relationship, consider trying a new approach. Sometimes it is helpful to try a new approach to a problem. This is certainly one of the tips to stay afloat mentally that most people overlook. If you are unhappy with the current relationship and the truth be told, you might be too embarrassed to discuss it with your partner. However, it might be time to take a chance and try something different.

If you have negative feelings towards your boss, try asking for a raise. Even if you don’t ask for a specific salary increase, simply asking for a raise can help you feel more positive about your position. Most bosses appreciate any extra effort to improve your performance and this can only benefit you. It is important to remember, however, that it is vital to follow up with your boss to ensure that you are truly interested in pursuing a raise.

If you are having problems managing the finances in your life, you should consider seeing a financial advisor. These advisors can provide you with valuable tips to stay afloat mentally as well as useful financial advice. Of course, you should use caution when considering this particular tip as most people end up going in to debt in an attempt to pay off their debts. If finances are tight some ways that you can help to reduce costs are by meal prepping instead of eating out, cancelling unneeded subscriptions and conserving energy to save money on your Central Hudson utility bills.

When seeking out tips to stay afloat mentally, you should keep in mind that people can only help you so much. No matter how hard you try, you may not be able to bounce back immediately. However, if you do nothing to help yourself get over the emotional and financial struggles in your life, you may find yourself sinking further. When in doubt, seek out professional help from individuals who are experienced in mental health issues. This will provide you with the best opportunity to make the necessary changes successfully.