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When moving out, you have many different things to take care of. From prepping your new home and choosing the right moving company to arrange storage and signing new contracts with provides, planning seems to be endless.

Leaving your old home in top condition is usually a requirement for getting the security deposit back. Or you may want to make your house look appealing for the buyers. Either way, cleaning is an important part of moving.

We’ve collected the most important tips to help you clean before moving out without adding any stress to the experience.

1. Plan the Cleaning Process

Planning is the key to a successful move. Cleaning your old house isn’t an exception. With the right approach, you can take the majority of stress out of the picture.

Try not to plan the cleaning for the same day you are moving. You are going to be extremely busy the entire day. After your belongings are moved, you need some time to arrange at least some of them to be comfortable before the rest is done.

That’s why you should consider leaving the cleaning process until the next day. For example, you can plan your move for a Saturday and clean the house on a Sunday. If you aren’t in a rush, leave it until the next weekend.

2. Arrange Supplies

Make sure you take all the necessary supplies to the old house with you. Remember, you’ve moved all your belongings out so you have to bring everything, including paper towels. Don’t forget:

  •         Rubber gloves
  •         All-purpose cleaner
  •         Brushes
  •         Rags
  •         Brushes
  •         Scrubbers
  •         Vacuum cleaner
  •         Mop and bucket
  •         Glass cleaner
  •         Disinfectant

Consider bringing your headphones so you can have some entertainment while cleaning.

3. Clean Walls and Windows

If your house is up for sale, it needs to be in top condition. According to experts from Torex Toronto moving company, dirt on windows and walls becomes especially noticeable once you move your furniture and other belongings out. Pay special attention to cleaning them. The effort you put in can reflect on the price.

No matter how excellent your house looks, a dirty wall can ruin the entire impression. Remember, if you can’t clean the wall well, you may need to paint it. Consider investing in special wall-cleaning products and brushes.

Pro tip: Remove all the screws, hooks, and nails before you start washing.

4. Pay Special Attention to the Bathrooms

The majority of buyers pay special attention to the bathroom. While cleaning, look for signs of mold around the shower, sink, or bath. If any are present, don’t try to remove them on your own. Consider calling an expert.

Make sure all parts of the shower are free from limescale. Don’t forget to bring your favorite limescale remover with you. Check sinks, taps, and shower screens in order not to miss anything.

While cleaning sinks and toilets, pay attention to the tiles. A sparkling toilet won’t do you any good if tiles around it have yellowish splashes. Make sure mirrors are squeaky clean. They make an excellent first impression.

5. Check the Exterior

Besides cleaning all rooms inside your home, spend some time examining the exterior. How well does your backyard look? Maybe it needs some finishing touches to look as appealing to the buyer as possible?

If you’ve been renting a house, read the contract. If you were responsible for mowing the lawn or doing any other yard work, it’s time to get it done.

6. Ask for Help

Don’t try to do everything alone. Ask your friends or family members for help. Cleaning your old house together could be fun as long as you have good company. Meanwhile, an extra pair of hands can speed up the entire process tremendously.

If you are pressed for time but have some extra cash, consider hiring a cleaning service. Professional cleaners can leave the old house in top shape while you can spend time arranging items in a new one.

The Takeaway

Cleaning your old house after a move can be time-consuming and frustrating. By planning the process in advance and getting assistance, you can make it easier for yourself. Don’t forget that cleaning the old house is the key to increasing its price or getting your security deposit back.  


Pearl M. Kasirye is a writer at Pearl Lemon, editor, and researcher who spends most of her time reading. When she isn’t reading or working, she can be found sitting on her balcony writing her own novels or traveling.