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Is your living room desperately in need of a refresh, or are you looking for ideas to decorate the living room of your new apartment? Regardless of the reasons, the aim is to perk up the room like the focal point of your entire home. And, when it comes to decorating your living room, the mantra is to keep it simple and elegant. As such, to create a living room that stands out, you don’t need complicated or elaborate decorating ideas. 

All you need is a couple of carefully curated pieces and some clever planning. With that being said, here are a couple of simple living room decorating ideas to get you started on the right note.

  1. Go for a Fresh Accent Wall to Add Some Color

Are you looking for a high-impact, low-budget décor idea for your living room? The easiest thing you can do in this regard is to add an accent wall.

Accent walls can genuinely change the look and feel of the room for the better. It adds the much-needed elements of style, intrigue, and dimension. The chances are that you might want accent walls for every room of your home after you notice how good it makes your living room look.

There are many ways to decorate a living room with an accent wall. For instance, you can keep the rest of the room in earthy or monochromatic tones while adding a dash of color to one of the walls.


2. Let There Be Light

There are several ways to bring nature to your living room. The trending idea is to have a potted plant as the focal point on the center table. You can also keep potted plants at the corners of your living rooms.

It will need some care and maintenance if you want to have plants in the living room, which is why many people opt for low-maintenance options like cactus.

Clever use of natural light in a living room can also make the space look and feel cozy. If you have big windows in the room, use window blinds as an exciting design element. Try to keep the sofa and the tables near the window to create the feeling of a warm and welcoming space.


3. Pick the Right Size of Rug for Your Living Room

There is a common misconception among most homeowners that a smaller rug is needed to make the living room feel larger. The fact is that a smaller rug will only make the room seem a bit fragmented. It would not have a cohesive feel when the rug is too small compared to the room.

A better idea is to go for a larger rug than the seating area because that makes the room seem bigger. Make all the furniture like the sofas and the tables sit on the rug, but make sure that the rug extends from the furniture quite a bit on all sides. It will bring a unified and intimate feel to the entire space.


4. Use Proper Sofa Designs to Maximize Seating

You can go for a sectional ‘L’ shaped sofa, or you can choose a curved sofa. The way you decorate the room will depend on the design you have chosen, even though both these types will maximize the seating area. ‘L’ shaped sofas are great for smaller living rooms, where your main aim is to create more space for people to sit. It ensures zero waste to the square footage even after you place the small table in the middle.

On the other hand, the curved sofa is more suited to the bigger, open-plan living rooms where maximizing seating space is not the aim. You can use this sofa to divide the room into sections, such as a reading area or dining space. Placing two sofas back to back is wise as these will help you come up with two seating areas in less space. 


5. The Combination of Colorful Furnishing and White Walls

The easiest way to jazz up your living room is to play with colors. There are many ways to get creative with colors, apart from having accent walls. You can keep the walls, blinds, and drapes all wholly white and only use bright colors for the furniture and the rug. The contrast of pastel and bold shades is a timeless classic for giving a new look to the room. 

If you don’t want the walls to be all white, you can also go monochromatic with a combination of black and white. Think of how you can play around with bold and neutral colors, and you will find many ideas yourself.


Final Thoughts

It’s important to mention that the ideas given above are simply basic guidelines and suggestions. You should put your spin on these ideas to make them suit the vision you have in mind for your living room. It’s now time to put all your unique ideas to start working on decking up your living room.