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Sex is arguably the most fulfilling of all human experiences. It’s a pleasurable feeling that transcends human understanding. 

Sex also comes with tons of therapeutic benefits. For instance, it can boost your self-esteem and sleep quality. It also has positive effects on our immune system, where it might help reduce the risks of heart disease and blood pressure disorders. And in those moments of intense pleasure, don’t we tend to forget our worries, even if only for a moment? 

What’s more, frequent sex has also been shown to enhance libido. Women who engage in sex more often take considerably less time to achieve full sexual excitement than those who don’t. 

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Sex and Orgasm

As important as sex is, it’s saddening to note that millions of women worldwide don’t seem to enjoy this surreal experience as they ought to. 

Now, any sexual experience’s climax occurs when you achieve an orgasm, without which the entire sexual experience counts for nothing. 

There are numerous female sex-enhancing drugs, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved Flibanserin (Addyi). But as you shall find, none of these drugs come close to CBD in terms of effectiveness.

Now, cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance that occurs naturally in cannabis. It’s one of the over 100 medically beneficial compounds in the plant, also known as cannabinoids. 

CBD is highly popular for its healing properties, and one of the top reasons medical researchers recommend the substance is its non-psychoactive nature.

How Does CBD Improve Orgasm For Women?

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Now that you’re acquainted with cannabidiol, it’s crucial to understand how the substance can improve your orgasm. That way, you can buy CBD pills online or other CBD-based products from the point of information. 

One of the fundamental ways CBD might boost your sexual experience is by relieving pain. Indeed, pain is the main problem that marijuana doctors often recommend cannabidiol for. To relieve pain, CBD impacts the performance of the body’s receptors that transmit pain signals. Make sure to check out Eagle Moon Hemp CBD Shop Online for the high-quality CBD products and reap the benefits.

Due to its powerful analgesic properties, cannabidiol might be effective against dyspareunia, which refers to the persistent genital pain experienced just before, during, or after sexual intercourse. CBD might also be useful in combating vaginismus, a medical condition characterized by excessive tension in the pelvic floor muscles. Since these muscles support vital sexual organs like the bladder, rectum, and vagina, vaginismus might trigger pain during sex. 

The following are other ways CBD might improve orgasm for women;

  • CBD eases stress and anxiety

It isn’t easy to concentrate when your mind is filled with racing thoughts. And without concentration, it’s almost impossible to enjoy sex. 

However, applying CBD creams topically or ingesting CBD-infused edibles might make a huge difference in terms of managing anxiety. 

CBD works against stress and anxiety by stimulating your body’s signaling of ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters like anandamide and serotonin. 

  • CBD increases blood flow to your genitals

CBD is a potent vasodilator. It might help women experience explosive orgasm by increasing blood flow to their sexual and reproductive organs. 

By boosting blood flow to your sexual organs, CBD hemp flower relaxes the muscle tension that might occur in blood vessels around these organs, which might cause pain and affect your sexual experience. 

The best part about CBD as a vasodilator is that you can also recommend it for your sexual partner. A surge in blood flow is one of the causes of firm erections. And if your man can keep it healthier for longer, then he’ll undoubtedly bless you with intense orgasms.

Intense orgasm remains a mirage for most women


  • CBD increases pleasure

Sexual pleasure and euphoria go hand in hand. Many cannabis users admit to enjoying sex when in a state of bliss. But CBD is non-psychoactive, which means that it doesn’t induce euphoria. 

However, the good news is that numerous CBD products are formulated to include the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Such products are known as full-spectrum CBD products. 

When you use a full-spectrum CBD product right before sex, the THC in the product enters your body and makes you ‘high.’ But THC is only a stimulant at low doses. If you consume too much of it, you could end up too sedated to engage in riveting sex. 

Thankfully, studies have shown that CBD might modulate the effects of THC. As such, the CBD in full-spectrum products helps to balance out the effects of THC, preventing you from slipping into sedation.

  • CBD boosts your energy

Sex and workouts share a lot in common – they both help us to shed a few extra pounds, and they both require adequate energy. 

CBD can boost your energy in various ways, and it’s important to emphasize that this is another area you’ll need to invest in full-spectrum CBD products. Both CBD and THC work synergistically to relieve fatigue. 

THC increases your appetite, allowing you to supply your body with adequate energy through the food that you eat. Although cannabidiol is likely to decrease your appetite than increase it, the substance can boost your mood and energy levels. 

CBD is also a powerful anti-nausea drug and might work alongside THC to deliver compounded appetite-boosting benefits.


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CBD is a powerful cannabinoid that may improve your orgasm. However, it’s important to note that studies on CBD’s sexual-enhancing properties are a work in progress.