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Leaning on two decades of experience connecting providers with the patients who need them, Net Medical’s new features reduce healthcare waste, inefficiencies and access blocks

Albuquerque, New Mexico–(Newsfile Corp. – June 3, 2020) –

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A Expanded Features Suite

The new features provide a thoughtful, streamlined, complete solution for providers, regardless of specialty or healthcare setting.

“Our experience in the market over the past two decades makes the features we introduce not only data-driven, but also frictionless,” said Rafael Rubio, president, Net Medical. “The Net Medical approach to technology is to move it as much to the background as possible. We want patients to forget they are visiting a doctor through a screen. How do you do that when the encounter is entirely experienced via telehealth platform? We make the entire, live encounter accessible with just one click.”

New and expanded features include (video demos can be found on Net Medical’s YouTube channel):

  • IT services for telemedicine, including the industry’s only 1-click experience
  • Expanded call center operations
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Online intake forms
  • Integration into provider’s EMR
  • Video conferencing for outpatients
  • Fair market value analysis
  • Follow up visits (rounding)
  • Credentialing and licensing services

Dr. Ernest Madu is an internationally acclaimed physician, featured on Ted Talk stages and largely considered a knowledgeable voice in the telehealth space. As a longtime Net Medical customer, he has leveraged the New Mexico-based platform from his home in Nashville to serve cardiology patients across the Carribbean and his home country of Nigeria.

“We as healthcare providers are in the profession because we believe in its power to heal and improve communities, oftentimes the communities in which we were born or now live,” said Dr. Madu. “Our success in serving a community was historically based on a patient’s ability to travel or afford services. The pandemic has reminded us that geography is a superficial barrier to effective healthcare, and we need partners like Net Medical to help us deliver on our oaths and capabilities.”

About Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc.

Net Medical Xpress’ Telemedicine programs provide diagnostic and clinical medical services to mobile companies, urgent cares, hospitals, trauma centers, imaging centers, jails, nursing homes, corporate health departments, and outpatient medical facilities. The company’s proprietary, web-based Telemed is the foundation software, which enables medical providers to make real-time assessments of patients’ conditions and treatment needs.

For more information, visit or contact Jen Asbury at 303-241-3126 or [email protected]

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