Israel; the most vaccinated country on earth registers the highest covid-19 infection rate

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Israel – the most vaccinated country on earth – has reported the highest coronavirus infection rate to date, showing that neither vaccine mandates nor ‘health passes’ are suitable means to end this nightmare.

The country has been revered as a global pioneer among those adamantly campaigning for mass vaccinations, going as far as to introduce controversial health passes (Green Pass) without any public debate on its efficacy or civil liberty concerns. Despite these efforts, since late August 2021 Israel has reported the highest infection rate in the entire world. This trend is also visible in other highly vaccinated countries.

The Israeli case clearly shows that neither vaccine mandates nor ‘vaccine passports’ are suitable to end the spread of corona viruses. The reason being that vaccines do not reduce coronavirus infections and transmission, as scientist at the Weizmann Institute, Eran Segal and others have diligently pointed out. In fact, vaccines lose much of their effectiveness even against severe disease within a few months, a medical fact already well known from influenza vaccines.

Notably, covid vaccines still provide some protection against hospitalisation and severe disease. Regardless, double-vaccinated Israeli citizens will now count as ‘unvaccinated’ and will effectively be rendered second class citizens until they take the third dose. The same might soon be true for Malta if a fact-free policies continue to be pursued without opposition. However, it may be that so-called ‘booster shots’ have done the opposite of their intended use, potentially increasing coronavirus infections across the board.

On the bright side, fresh data from Israel confirms what many have been stating for the last 19 months: natural immunity, acquired through previous infection is much stronger and long-lasting, so much so that it provides up to 27 times more protection than vaccination, as reported by science magazine.

Until recently, top health professionals in Malta refused to acknowledge that natural immunity even existed by referencing a version of ‘herd immunity’ that is incorrect.

Regardless, this information opens up a realistic perspective to return to normality. Depending on the country, between 5% and 75% of populations have either acquired natural immunity or have been vaccinated, according to figures compiled by Swiss Policy Research. Malta’s vaccination rate has hit 90% according to Maltatoday.

Besides these figures, however, Israel was among the first to confirm the alarming safety profile of covid vaccines, reporting a ‘murky wave of heart attacks’ and a significant increase in all-cause mortality – even in young people – by as early as March – April 2021.

While various reasons can explain the increase, fatal cardiovascular and neurological covid vaccine adverse events have been well documented and reported on by VAERS, EUDRAVIGILANCE and Swiss Policy Research, respectively (among others). On a global scale, vaccines may have directly killed or severely injured upwards of 100,000 people.

Given this information, the obvious policy failure of vaccine passports has come into question and under increased scrutiny with our European neighbours – though Maltese politicians remain publicly oblivious to the developments so far.

In Spain, the Supreme court rejected the usage of health passes, slamming them as ‘ineffective and unconstitutional’. In Denmark, the government was pressured to discontinue health passes and will no longer classify covid-19 as a ‘critical threat to society’ by September. In Switzerland, a binding referendum on coronavirus measures will take place in November. In many US states, ‘vaccine passports’ have been totally outlawed, while in Sweden, the cumulative mortality has remained below the European and US average. Sweden did not introduce any lockdown measures or mandates, and is another example of abject policy failure in Malta and elsewhere.

On the other side of the pond, Western governments in France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Malta, Canada, and some states in the US (New York) have not abandoned the folly of ‘vaccine passports’. The schemes to coerce people into opting in include lifestyle, and often illegal restrictions that disallow entrance to cultural events, restaurants, public transport or even shopping malls in some cases. In Pakistan, people without the arbitrary pass cannot use motorways or phones.

In Australia, people have organised and responded in kind with mass civil disobedience to vaccine passports and coercive practices. The Australian government rushed a bill through parliament that allows police to hack devices of anyone involved in an ongoing investigation, modifying or deleting data in the process. These events have been largely unreported by newsrooms and the media at large.

As it happens, the World Health Organisation (WHO) – whom I have often criticised as criminally incompetent – has published a document detailing technical specifics for the global implementation of ‘vaccine certificates’, despite there being no scientific evidence for their usage or implementation.

Critics have long argued that such certificates may well be a step towards the introduction of a global digital biometric ID system, that can be expanded into a dystopian Chinese-style social credit system.

Given that the Israeli case study renders the case for vaccine passports obsolete in its entirety, will the political and chattering classes change their tune and listen to the science?

Will Chris Fearne, Charmaine Galea and Robert Abela continue to insist on arbitrary measures that have no bearing on reality, but which have adverse consequences on public health and businesses?

Are we, as a population willing to look the other way when narrative-crushing facts emerge?