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Running a business on your own is a difficult task. Eventually, you will need to hire people for assistance to keep your business running. Every business has its own required qualifications when it comes to hiring people. Having a certain set of skills or knowledge is not enough. Aspiring employees are also required to undergo an occupational health assessment. Know more about what this assessment is all about in this article.

What Is an Occupational Health Assessment?

Employees play a big role in the success of a business. Business owners not only put their trust in these people but also invest in them. It’s a win-win situation because as the business grows, the employees also get to hone their skills and earn more. But employers are careful with whom they trust. So, they require employees to go through several tests, one of which is an occupational health assessment, just to make sure they get the right people for the job.

Assessing for occupational wellness means checking an aspiring employee’s physical and mental well-being. This medical examination is performed to determine whether an individual is well suited for the particular role they are applying to. For instance, if your business is construction, you will need a worker capable of heavy lifting. This skill will require a fitness to work assessment.

Another concern is the number of work-related injuries. In Australia, there were at least 560,000 people who had a work-related injury or illness in 2017-2018 as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics Work Related Injuries Survey. One of the goals of occupational health is to prevent such incidents and to promote a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.

Benefits of Occupational Health Assessment

Aside from health and safety, here are other ways how an occupational wellness assessment can help your business:

Improves Staff Morale

There are different kinds of occupational health assessments, from pre-employment and fitness-to-work checks to return to work and sickness management and health and medical surveillance. Your employees will be grateful if you have an intact occupational health and safety management system as this shows your concern to them. This will increase their morale and satisfaction which can result in improved on-the-job behavior.

Improves Business Efficiency

Having a worker assessment done on every employee is advantageous for your business operations. For one, this can reduce the number of sick days and ill days your staff take. Not only does this improve their productivity. It also lessens the need for you to hire temporary or new workers and spend on training costs.

Improves the Public Image of Your Business

Health-related accidents and injuries can put a business’s reputation at risk. This bad image can turn away potential clients and investors from your organization. With regular occupational health assessments, not only can you guarantee staff retention but also demonstrate in the industry that your business is trustworthy.

Improves Your Standing on Financial Establishments

Acquiring financial help is sometimes a challenge. For easier access to finance, show financial establishments that your business has an occupational health and safety management system. Banks and investors are more willing to invest in businesses that are well managed than those that aren’t. Having a low rate of injuries or accidents and showing you are prepared to respond to these incidents may improve your chances of winning investments.

Improves Employees’ Confidence

An occupational health assessment shows employees that the company gives them importance. These tests protect employees from threats and health problems, such as injuries, falls, skin diseases, and more. When employees feel protected at their company, you can be sure that they will deliver quality work in every task assigned to them.


Don’t think twice when it comes to the health and safety of your employees. Look at the bigger picture and see how it can benefit everyone in your organization. Choose a reliable occupational health consultant to make sure you’ll only get accurate results from all the assessments done.

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