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Are you on the NDIS meal plan? Still, looking for a way to combat weight gain Through long-term inactivity, and no exercise, especially during the coronavirus period? By going on a keto plan, you can combat weight gain and achieve rapid weight loss immediately. Keto meals involve limiting your carb consumption by adding in healthy fats and moderate limits of protein. 

Switching up the consumption ratio of macronutrients in the keto lunch and dinner can alter your metabolic state and bring you to a state of ketosis. Subscribing to an NDIS meal plan or swinging by your favourite keto restaurants in Melbourne allows you the freedom to enjoy meals packed full of low carb vegetables that provide the much-needed micro-nutrients such as vitamin and minerals. There are far and too many different iterations of the keto meals available. However, much different they are, they are deemed healthy and sustainable, giving one the results being sought after without being too restrictive.

The Breakdown of the Nutritional Value of any Keto Diet to Achieve Rapid Weight Loss

  • Protein: about 20% of the total calories of any Quito diet plan consist of proteins. The amount of protein in a ketogenic diet is moderate in comparison to its other compatriot carbs. The amino acids content in proteins is converted into glucose, giving the body the much-needed energy factor without using carbohydrates. 
  • Carbs: it is also believed that for an effective ketogenic diet plan for the reduction of weight gain, only about 5% of the food is to be carbohydrate. This constitutes about 40 g of carbohydrate or lesser. This is only the least amount of percentage of carbohydrates needed by the body to survive.
  • Healthy Fats: About 73% of any Balanced and healthy ketogenic diet plan consists of healthy fats. These fats get converted into energy and at the role of a carbohydrate alternative that is extremely healthy for the body and promotes rapid weight loss. 
  • Sugar: Only about 2% of the entire diet consists of sugars. Sugar has next to no benefits in any diet and should be taken only if needed. The more quantity of sugar one consumes, the harder it is to lose weight. 

What is the outcome of sticking to this kind of a balanced yet restrictive keto plan you may wonder?


Here are some of the benefits of sticking to healthy keto meals: 


  • Weight Loss: By sticking to this kind of keto plan now easily available for anyone on the NDIS meal plan and/or even at keto restaurants in Melbourne. This will bring about the much needed rapid weight loss. 
  • Fat Burn: They rapidly dissolve the unwanted fat in the body. By doing so, the body is much healthier and leaner than usual. 
  • Cognitive Function: Healthy food consumption also has tremendous effects on one’s cognitive function