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Crystal healing has exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks to superstars like Adele, Katy Perry and many more endorsing it. Because of their relaxing and calming properties, crystals are employed in many spa treatments and contemplative practices. Many people who have had crystal therapies swear by their ability to heal. 

Crystal healing sets have been used to treat a variety of mental and physical diseases, and it has proven to be effective. However, there are a few misunderstandings about how it works and to what extent it operates. Let’s look at some frequent misconceptions and lesser-known truths regarding this amazing healing method:

Myth No. 1 – Crystal healing is something that everyone can do

Anyone can learn crystal healing; however, practising as a crystal healer requires training. Mastering the technique of crystal healing necessitates a substantial amount of information and practice. There are many various sorts of crystals, each with its own set of characteristics. Any information found on the internet is limited and, in some cases, misleading. If you want to become a certified crystal healer, you can take an online course from a reputable teacher. 

Crystal healing kits are not always “harmless,” and they might have unintended consequences when used on others. The most serious consequences can result from a failure to obtain appropriate training and assistance in a timely manner.


The Reality: Crystal Healing Is A Complementary And Supportive Therapy To Medical Techniques

Scientists and medical professionals refer to crystal healing as pseudoscience as there is no peer-reviewed evidence to verify its efficacy for curing specific diseases. Studies show that using crystals and other gemstones for therapy positively influences health; yet, scientists believe that it is partially due to the placebo effect. The use of crystals to facilitate healing is an ancient practice, which propagated more than 6000 years ago. However, modern treatments are inspired by traditional Asian concepts, such as the Chinese ‘chi/qi’ (life-energy) and the Buddhist/Hindu’ chakras’.


Myth No. 2 – Crystals Are Magical Rocks, According To Legend.

There is no such crystal or rock that can be imbued with magical or supernatural abilities. A crystal set for anxiety will not cure or eradicate your condition in a miraculous way. Crystals can’t be used to influence someone’s mind or heart, either. It takes time to see results, just like other alternative therapies. Many health problems are caused by anxiety, despair, grief, and physical discomfort. Crystal healing is a technique for achieving serenity and positivity in one’s life. It aids in warding off negative energy, hence reducing stress and suffering.


The Reality: Crystal healing corresponds to the body’s energy centers.

Rocks or gems are implanted at certain pressure spots on the body during crystal healing techniques. As a result, the crystal’s location is equally as significant as the gem itself. Physical, emotional, and psychological reactions are stimulated when the crystal comes into contact with our bodies. You can buy these crystals at online crystal shops. Furthermore, different minerals have distinct effects; for example, green aventurine is beneficial for the heart, and yellow topaz is said to calm the mind. Healers are aware of the unique features of each patient and treat them accordingly.


Myth No. 3- The appearance of a crystal can be used to determine its potency.

Although it may appear more attractive, polishing a crystal does not increase its power. Similarly, a gemstone’s healing qualities are not lost when it wears away or is washed away by water. The surface shine, fineness, form, and size of a crystal have little bearing on how it works.


The Reality: A Crystal’s Therapeutic Properties Are Objective.

Every person who receives crystal treatment has a unique experience. The way you connect with a stone and how your body reacts is very subjective. You might not get the same advantage from a gem that worked for someone else. Your personal energies or chakras determine the outcome.