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How to Promote Your Cannabis Brand on Social Media

In the last few years, two industries have seen unprecedented growth – social media platforms, and the legal cannabis industry. In this digital era, leveraging social media to promote cannabis brands might seem like a match made in heaven. However, it is not quite as easy as it may seem.

Be aware of a platform’s ad policies for cannabis products

It comes as no surprise that the “ of cannabis, in both the United States and around the world, was and remains controversial. There are many countries and states which still prohibit the possession, consumption, and sale of cannabis and cannabis-related products – and these laws are strictly enforced.

This controversy has translated over to social media platforms as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others derive the majority of their income from advertising. As such, they all have detailed advertising policies which determine what can and can’t be advertised on their platform.

For example, Facebook’s policies strictly prohibit the paid advertising of drugs and drug-related products – including prescription and recreational drugs. Failing to comply with this can get your advertising revenue cut off or your account banned.

The same goes for other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is recommended that you stay away from any paid advertising ventures on these platforms until these policies are relaxed.

Naturally growing your brand on social media

Even though paid advertising is out of the question on these social media platforms, there is nothing to say you cannot organically grow your cannabis brand on social media. There are several marketing strategies you can use to do this, including the use of social media influencers (people or companies with lots of followers and activities who can promote your brand), or by producing relevant images or video content. There are multiple strategies available to grow your brand, depending on your target audiences and demographics.

While traditional methods of social media marketing such as paid advertising may not be available to your cannabis brand, you can still use tried and tested social media strategies to grow your brand awareness, client base, and outreach.

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