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As per search, an average employee spends at least 30% of their office time organizing emails. It means companies spend a hefty amount of money only on employees to manage their inboxes (No offense). What’s worse? Every time an employee checks their Gmail, it takes over 20 minutes to gain the focus back. However, now you’ve got the best way to organize emails in Gmail to promote productivity and collaboration without getting distracted. 

Imagine you’re working on a very important project with a short deadline. You require data to complete it, which is present in one of your emails. Now, you need time to search for that email. The worst case scenario: You receive hundreds of emails daily. It becomes a challenging, time-consuming process to find information. 

However, the good news is that organizing your Gmail can save time while looking for a particular email for information. How do you do that? What is the best way to organize your inbox?

  • Shortlist Emails by Relevance

Do you need all the emails at the top of your inbox? When the answer is a no, it’s time to put only the relevant mails there. Gmail gives you the option to organize your inbox according to emails’ relevance.

  • Go to the settings 
  • Select Inbox and choose an option. For example, Priority Inbox shows emails you interact with the most. 
  • Make Use of Labels

Gmail provides you with a label-based system to organize your inbox. Generally, labels are tags that can be added to emails – both sent and received. An amazing thing about labels is that you can add multiple of them to an email. Another fascinating feature is that labels are colorful tags that make it easy to identify emails that are important for you.  

  • Automate Emails

Many emails you receive daily require a response from other individuals of your team. Instead of forwarding those emails to your employees, automate them.  These emails reach your teammates and let them know what actions should be taken. It saves you from the hassle of opening your inbox each time an email appears.

  • Use an App

A dedicated email management app works as an online email manager to organize emails for you. In addition to helping in prioritizing your mail, the AI-powered software solution incorporates various features to transform the way you manage your inbox and use it. 

For example, the Folio app for Gmail enables you to automate email organization, create and manage smart folders, quickly search for emails, synchronize with a range of other apps like DocuSign and Google Drive, and share smart folders with other teammates for better collaboration. 

Using a dedicated application saves several hours for your employees at work. They can use various tools and features of the platform to organize emails and their attachments quickly, neatly, and easily. Also, the app makes searching easier and less time-consuming. 

In the End

Emails have been a cost-effective and useful way to send/receive information for a long time. With many emails, it becomes challenging to organize the inbox. However, using the best way to organize emails in Gmail, not only saves your time but also increases productivity and empowers collaboration in the workplace. All the best!