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Kissanime is one of the most popular streaming websites that offer anime and allows users to stream downloaded movies and TV shows at zero cost or without spending a penny. If we say that it is like a brother to the popular manga website, KissManga, then there is no one to deny that.

If you are an animation fan, then it is not possible that you have not visited kissanime substitute yet.

For the past few days, users have been complaining that kissanime replacement is not working. This problem is also there, then check this post with you as we intend this post here to fix all the issues.

To solve the problem, you have to know the root cause of the problem initially. So before reading for improvements, first try to find out what are the major causes responsible for the error on your device.

How To Fix Sites like Kissanime Mobile Not Working?

Issue 1: Blank Screen


  • Typically, this occurs on a temporary basis. If this is the case with you too, then do nothing and just go to your device’s Recent Apps menu and close it. After closing it, wait a few seconds and then open the app again. It will eventually start working.

  • Reboot your phone. Don’t know how to do it? Then just go to the Home tab and press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. After that release both the buttons and keep holding the Power button. Keep this process running until the screen turns on. Maybe this fix will work for you. As of 90% of the time, this improvement has yielded very good results.

  • Try uninstalling the app, reinstall the app after uninstalling it. Because once you reinstall the app, it will restore all the settings options, so now, you can log on after reinstalling the app, and guess that this is your problem. Will magically solve.

  • If reinstalling does not work as well, try to find an older version of the app and install it, it may start working well.

Issue 2: KissAnime login issues or account issues?


For this type of problem, see the following fixes –

  • The most likely cause may be a server problem here. The server may be down from the backend and cause problems during the login process. So for this you should wait and try to log in at a different time.

  • It is possible that your internet connection is not enough or is not working properly.

  • Also check your login details, chances are you are entering wrong login credentials.

  • If you are using third party social networks to login like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc., go to their official website and check if the service is working properly.

  • Also, your account may be banned by the authorities for some reasons. If it is, try to detect it by reading the error messages properly.

Issue 3: KissAnime notifications not working properly?

  • Click Apps section

  • Then select the Notifications tab from it.

  • Check whether the notifications option is on.

  • If it is not enabled, turn it on initially.