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If you are looking to save money on utilities, a very smart way is to switch your water provider. Thanks to the de-regulation of the market, you are able to shop around and find the right water provider for you. This means that you can save a whole heap of money, which can then be reinvested into the more important and exciting parts of your company. When it comes to switching water suppliers, it makes sense to do your research first and read this guide, which will outline the steps needed in order to switch water suppliers for your business. Read on in order to learn all about it. 


Known Your Consumption Habits

Before you can approach businesses to quote you the cost of your new water supply, it makes sense to understand how your water management is already working. This includes the amount of water that you are using, the amount of wastewater that you are producing, and the average cost of your water supply per month and year. Once you know this, it will be a lot easier to approach water suppliers and it will be easier to negotiate a better price. 


Understand The Market


A de-regulated market has many benefits, including cheaper prices, better service, and an easier bar to clear when it comes to meeting regulations. This also means that you have a much wider amount of water provision than if you were only relying on a nationalized water system. Find a water supplier that works for you and offers the fairest price. One recommendation is Utility Bidder, which are great water suppliers for businesses.


Check if The Company is Right For You


Before you ask a company for a quote, go through a simple checklist in order to determine whether or not they truly meet your needs. You should see whether or not they are being transparent, how often they want to invoice or charge you, whether they offer a high level of attentive services, and whether or not any deal they may offer is truly suited to your consumption habits. If they seem more interested in simply making a sale than actually making a bespoke deal for you, then you should probably look for another company. 


Ask for A Quote 


Water suppliers rarely have a one-size-fits-all model. Instead, they will have to take a deep and thorough look at your water needs before giving you a quote. It’s likely that you will have to proffer them your address, your pipe ID, and your annual consumption figures before they can come back to you with a price. Once they do, it may be likely that you can negotiate the price to better suit your needs. 




In conclusion, there are a variety of different points you need to bear in mind when looking for a water supplier for your business, including ones that aren’t included in this article. Be sure to thoroughly go through this checklist before looking for a new water supplier.