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There are literally several studies out there that have highlighted the effectiveness and impact that animations bring to a brand’s online marketing, posting, and even the overall presence. 

Some of the best animation studio in NYC have said that animations may change the way marketing is done nowadays in the future solely because of the involvement of videos.

One such study uploaded by Smart Insights said that 92% of the marketers believe that video marketing is growing, and it is one of the best mediums to entertain, engage, attract and even convert the target audience.

Therefore, it is implied that businesses should start considering the videos as an integral part of their overall strategies. Additionally, 53% of the audience engaged with the brand once they saw their video (this stat comes from the same study mentioned above). 

Did you ever think about why this happened? Why did the prospect interact with the brand after seeing the video posted on their social channel? 

Well, it is simple; the logic is that our target audience tends to prefer watching videos because, first of all, they’re engaging, and it is easier for them to understand a brand’s product, service, or the message behind the brand. 

Secondly, our brain processes images faster than text; hence, the biggest reason why most of the customers and the online audience tends to prefer videos for the brand they prefer.

Although the stats mentioned above are alone enough for businesses to understand why animations should be used as an overall marketing strategy – still, there are millions of businesses that are not leveraging this medium.

Why? There are several misconceptions surrounding the animation videos. Most of the audience believes that animations are costly to produce, it is time-consuming, and so on. 

While this may be the case, it is specifically limited to a few types of videos and certainly not all videos. For example, producing a live-action video may be extremely costly to produce. 

In contrast, a video that has animated characters, vivid colors, a stunning presentation may be extremely cost-effective as compared to live-action videos that require professional actors, editing staff, production team, and whatnot.

So, the next time you call an animation video costly, make sure you’ve done proper research on the type of video that you want for your brand. Videos are indeed an amazing way to achieve optimal user engagement. 

They’re known to boost brand awareness because by crafting a visually compelling video for your brand, you can literally leave a memorable impression in the mind of your viewers.

Plus, videos act as an engagement-grabbing weapon in your arsenal that you can use to literally stand out of the crowd and redefine your presence in the best and most appealing way out there. You can also use animations to further persuade the user into making the purchase. Hence, they can be used for conversions and sales as well. 

Lastly, whether you’re choosing to go with animated videos or you’re willing to live-action video, know that videos are the most beneficial method of attaining engagement online, and they should be included in a marketing strategy to get amazing results.

So, today in this blog, we’re going to explore the five different reasons why I believe that you should include animations in your videos. Know that the reasons listed below are the most primary ones. Other than these, there are a hundred reasons that could’ve made this list. 

So, without any further ado – let’s start!

  • Ensure A Memorable Expression Of Your Brand

Leveraging animations means that you’re literally using the most enticing and creative form of advertising for your business. This form ensures that your product, service, brand, or literally anything that you’re marketing becomes memorable in the long run. 

And as you may know that if a thing becomes memorable in the eyes of the prospects, it further transitions into more sales, conversions, engagement, and more. There have been scenarios where the customers started acting as the brand ambassador of a product just because what they saw was extremely delighting and convincing that they’re now passing the information to their friends, family, or relatives. 

The best example of this type of marketing is the marketing campaigns of Nike. Have you ever noticed their taglines, visuals, graphics, presentation, and certain other creative animations that they use to communicate to their audience?

Let me decipher their animation marketing strategy for you. Nike, although a big name in sports footwear today, was never a big brand from the start. However, it was the marketing that made it perfect. For starters, they started using animations of different styles following a storytelling approach to connect with their audience. 

They bestowed a nostalgic and emotional touch upon their videos that started to convince the audience that their product is really designed specifically for sports. They evoke the emotions of several sports enthusiasts by literally their animation marketing videos, and this is what helped them to become one of the most recognized footwear brands in the world.

Their primary goal while opting for this kind of marketing was to change the perception of the audience regarding their brand. They wanted their audience to feel special, athletic, agile, and whatnot once they’ve bought a pair of Nike, and their animated videos conveyed the message, and the success of Nike is not hidden to anyone who seeks. 

Now, this is what I call animated marketing videos; well, done!

  • Skyrockets Your Engagement

When a user sees your video, they immediately hop on to your website. This off-course depends on the quality of your video because not every video out there is designed in the same way as Nike’s videos have. However, the point is that with a quality marketing video, the chances of getting your audience to your website or, more frankly, to make an action is far easier as compared to any other form of content. 

In fact, 64% of your audience is more likely to complete an action once they’ve seen a video from your brand. The standout aspect of the video is that it makes it easier for the audience to understand whatever you’re telling them. And the more they understand, the more they convert. 

Furthermore, let’s study this case with an example as to why animations are engaging for businesses. So, you’ve got a product or service, and you’re leveraging animated videos to explain them to your audience. 

In this case, the user is highly likely to watch a video from your brand rather than understanding it by reading the super-comprehensive textual guide on your website.

As long as the message is being conveyed effectively and engagingly, your user will watch the video, get personally connected with the brand, and make the necessary action that will surely complete the buyer’s journey.

Pro-tip: To help your audience complete the buyer’s journey in a more compelling way, you can include a CTA by the end of the video, which will help the audience to know what they need to do after watching the video. This has proven to be far more than successful in several cases. 

  • Updating Content Is Super-Easier

The digital world is evolving as we speak and the best way to stay on par with the latest trends is to adapt to the evolution happening in the digital world. You can show you’re still relevant to your users by adapting to the rapidly changing industry plus, you can show your audience that you mean businesses and that they’re your utmost priority by adapting to the latest tools and tech to revolutionize your customer experience.

Aside from this, you can also update your marketing collaterals by adapting to the latest form of marketing working in the digital world. And finally, when it comes to animation videos, you can easily keep your content fresh by conveniently updating your animation videos. 

You can easily adapt to the latest trends, tweak your messaging, use a different style or change the entire presentation of your animated videos just because it is relatively easier to do so.

In a nutshell, animations are a powerful marketing medium, and a great way to stay relevant is to start making videos that are aimed at delivering a robust customer experience let alone, fostering engagement and conversions.

  • Animations Are Entertaining

You may have seen some of the most outstanding animated movies, films, and cartoons over the years, and they were super-engaging which is why they got your attention in the first place. Even now, as we’re talking about such movies, some movies may have popped up in your mind. So, why did this happen? What’s the reason behind it?

Well, animations play a critical role in telling a story related to your brand. They are there to create endless possibilities for brands, and some possibilities can be revenue or conversion-related. Additionally, they’re a great way to show off your brand’s personality to the audience, the human side of your brand, because in reality, you’ll be the one your audience will be conducting business with, right? 

Hence, it is important to touch on those important pain points of the audience. You can touch these important pain points in a fun, engaging, and entertaining way so that your audience can not only learn about your brand’s USPs but also they can learn about all of them in an entertaining way which can only be accomplished with animated videos.

  • Easier To Understand

 Last but not the least, although I’ve mentioned this a hundred times above – animation videos are super-easier to understand. This part is so important that it deserves its own heading in this blog. Even the most sophisticated products or services can be explained using animations.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to explain how your new engine could put an end to global warming. In this case, you can leverage animations to connect and engage your audience while delivering the message as conveniently as effectively as possible.


Animations are indeed a great way to connect with your audience. They can make the most challenging subject extremely easier to explain by utilizing the storytelling approach.

However, it all boils down to the usage and the extent to which you’re willing to go in order to engage and entice your audience. Not everyone in the digital world is leveraging animations so, there’s a big advantage for you if you’re ready to use them for your brand. 

But my recommendation would be to research your audience, see what they’re in search of, incorporate that missing element in your animated video, and then you can market your product or service through your animated videos.