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A food prepared without spices is utterly dull and tasteless. No one can imagine their meals without spices that add a unique color and flavour to their food. Spices were discovered long back in history since the start of human civilization, and since then, they were primarily used to add zest, aroma, and flavor to the meals. Soon enough, people start producing and using spices all around the world, especially in Asian and European countries. Ground spice powder led to the ultimate discovery of new and unique flavorsome dishes that are now prepared worldwide. 

Spices are whole spices ground to make a fine powder. This can either be a mixture of different spices to prepare a complex Spice powder or ground individually, such as turmeric, coriander, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, and much more. These ground spice powders are used either individually or in combination with other ground spices to add flavors to a meal. They are especially perfect with meat. Carnivore Style can guide you in getting good quality meats for that perfectly spiced-up meal. Let us dive deeper into the massive variety of spices found in the world: 


Turmeric Powder

It is a brightly yellow colored powder made by grinding the dried turmeric stems. It is primarily used to add color and flavour to the food and also possesses numerous anti-inflammatory properties. Ground turmeric powder is also a key ingredient in many cosmetic and medical products, especially in the Ayurveda culture. 


Red Chilli Powder

Red chili is one of the hottest varieties of spice made from ground dried red chilies. It is a major ingredient in most of the Indian and Asian cuisines, which adds a hot and spicy flavor to the food along with imparting a reddish color.


Cumin Powder

Cumin is a dried fruit used in powder or whole form and is used as a flavoring agent in many Indian curries. It is an important component of numerous dishes, snacks, Mexican food items, Latin American cousins, or curries. 


Coriander Powder

Coriander powder is a ground form of seeds from a coriander plant that adds a mild Aroma and flavour to the food. This sweet and savory flavor of coriander powder and hands is the taste of dishes. For coriander powder to last longer, it shall be packed in airtight containers to keep it away from moisture.


Fennel Powder

The fennel plant, as well as the seed, is edible and considered to be aromatic and flavorsome. Apart from using it in various means, fennel powder also has certain medicinal benefits. It is made by grinding the seeds of fennel plants and has a bright green color. 


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