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With the growth of the range of detergents around the world, the consumption of the most versatile of them- soap is decreasing. However, this applies only to its hard varieties, with the exceptions of those that are brewed for aesthetic purposes, the so-called author’s soaps. But liquid castile soap finds more and more lovers every year. 


The growing popularity of liquid soaps around the world is due to a number of reasons:


First of all, as far as soap can be more or less hygienic, it is liquid soap that wins in the field of bacterial safety. If a bar of solid soap is picked up by many people, and bacteria can be absorbed into its porous organic structure, then liquid soap is economically squeezed out of the dispenser in the form of an individual portion that does not need to be shared with anyone. And  pouring liquid soap from special canisters into dispensers is very convenient. 


In addition, it is ergonomic, does not slip out of hands , does not fall on the floor, does not sink in the sink- in short, it is much easier with it. And the efficiency of soap is appreciated most of all by those who have always had to buy it is bulk, and whose consumption was quite high. Due to its effectiveness, natural liquid castile soap usually requires 2-3 times less than solid soap. Just a few drops are enough for good soaping. 

A Large Assortment

Liquid soap is a versatile cleaning agent, but it comes in a huge range, and each type is best suited for a particular type of washing and cleaning. But in principle, you can do with one bottle of liquid soap for everything at once, including for washing the items necessary in everyday life, for taking a bath and shower, washing and washing hands. 

Less Effort, More Foam

Liquid soap spreads easily and immediately over the skin or other surface, it does not need to be rubbed, unlike solid soap, which requires considerable effort before it produces a cleaning solution or lather. In addition, it does not dry out and does not change shape over time, so it can be stored for a very long time. Yes, and liquid soap in a plastic dispenser cannot sour from water in any way.

Natural Supplements

Liquid soap usually includes a washing base, a number of moisturizers, so that, unlike dry soap, it does not injure and moisturize the skin. In addition to surfactants that directly fight dirt, liquid soap contains preservatives – although there are quite a few of them and they are mild, and in addition, they have antifungal and antibacterial effects. 


Liquid soap foams easily and well due to its surfactants, the so-called anionic substances, which cleanse the skin fairly well. Particularly expensive types of liquid soaps can include dietary supplements such as therapeutic mud and herbal extracts with a cleansing effect. 

Which liquid soap to choose?

Experts advice, give preference to those types of liquid soap, which has the most delicate and dim color, and also does not have a very pronounced synthetic aroma, sharp and irritating like olive oil castile soap. These are signs of a large number of natural ingredients.