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Know Why Hollywood Celebrities And Influencers Are A Huge Fan Of Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Well, there are plenty of reasons why cheeky bikini bottoms have always been in the trend. They slim down the figure and accentuate the booty in a manner as no other bikini style can. Keeping it short and simple, they are no longer just a craze. With thousands of fashion influencers and Hollywood celebrities like Kendall, Kylie, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B posing skimpy and high cut Latin bikinis on Instagram is most likely safe to say that the cheeky style bottoms are here to stay and rule the fashion world. 


As the summers are on their way, if you are also thinking about buying a chic bikini bottom for your next beach/pool adventure but still not sure if you can bring it off, then our quick post is for you. Today, we are here with the answers to your commonly asked questions about how to style a cheeky bottom, especially if it’s your first time. Well, funking out just when you are afraid to reveal the best side of yours simply isn’t cool. 


Now, why do ladies love cheeky bikini bottoms that much? 


Well, why wouldn’t they? First of all, it provides a slimming effect to the body. Then, the design comes in a way that the tan lines are quite minimal. Third comes the feature that they tone the booty much better than other styles while highlighting the good portions. Another feature that makes them stand out is that they are very comfy and avoid any sagging around the booty area while giving an extra lift. Convinced yet?


Who can try out cheeky bottoms?


The answer to this is anyone! Yes, any lovely lady out there can wear cheeky Latin bikinis. Whether your body shape is pear, apple, rectangle, hourglass, or triangle, this style looks perfect on everyone. The only thing that makes a big difference is to have enough confidence while wearing them. 


What styles can I find?


Cheeky bikini bottoms have got different types of booty coverage, which has its own personality. For booty and upper thighs coverage, you can go with the sporty style. To keep those thighs bare and butt fully hidden, classy bikini bottoms are perfect. To be a little playful while being decent, playful style shows those little cheeks. Daring is the style for bikini bottoms with the least coverage, while the adventurous style is mostly worn by surfers as they allow free movement. 


Are cheeky bottoms suitable for ladies with a big butt? 


ABSOLUTELY! They are not only for women with average or small booties. Elegantly, they deliver a flattering look to every body type with any booty size. The unique style appears more toned and adds a little extra to the waist area as well. We think it does no harm at all, so why not? 


Where to buy Latin Bikinis?


Though you might find local stores around you. However, you will find the chic curated collection you will only find online. Explore swimwear stores in Vancouver that specialize in selling cheeky Latin bottoms. Browsing down their latest collection will introduce you to a wide range of swimsuits with varied styles, prints, colours, and butt coverage. Brands highly recognized have their bottoms collection that is true to size, stretchy, comfy, and high quality. 


So what’s your favourite go-to Latin bikini style? Don’t forget to share your preferences in the comments section below.