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A fire can cause irreparable damage to your appliances. Incurring appliance replacement costs after dealing with a fire can take a serious toll on your budget. However, not all appliances are beyond repair after facing a fire. Many of them can still work.

The appearance of appliances that have been in a fire can be unsightly. Charred and scorched surfaces can make homeowners think about replacement. However, rushing to throw out a fire-damaged appliance before getting an expert opinion is a mistake.

In many cases, an appliance can be repaired and restored to last for many more years.

Caution is Imperative

While your appliance may appear whole, the soot could have caused serious damage. That’s why it’s imperative to ask for professional assistance before turning such an appliance on. The damage could cause unfortunate consequences once the equipment is plugged in.

However, in many cases, soot remains on the surface of an appliance without making its way inside. If this happens, the appliance will work just fine. All you need to do is to clean it as thoroughly as possible.

Consider asking a professional appliance repair technician to check your appliance for internal damages before cleaning it.

Take the Right Steps

If your appliances have been damaged by fire, you need to take the right steps to maximize their chances of staying intact:

  •         Keep all appliances unplugged– even when your appliance is turned of, it still has enough energy to maintain its internal systems during the inactivity period. Make sure all appliances are unplugged after the fire. They may have been exposed to water while the flames were being extinguished.
  •         Keep all appliances off – don’t try to turn the appliance on after the fire. If repaired timely, it can still be salvageable. However, if you turn it on, you can ruin your chances of recovering the equipment. Appliances need some time to dry out after fire extinguishing measures.  
  •         Find warranty records – if you can’t save the appliance, you may still get reimbursed by its warranty. In some cases, disasters may be covered by the warranty as long as its current.
  •         Call an expert – don’t touch your appliance before an expert has a chance to look at it. An experienced technician can evaluate the situation and decide whether an appliance is repairable.

Before taking any steps for recovering your appliance after a fire, take some time to think. According to experts from Tampa appliance repair, Hartman, rash decisions have ruined many more appliances than fire has.

Repair vs Replacement

When your appliances have been damaged by the fire, you have two options: to repair or to replace them. In many cases, an experienced appliance technician can salvage the appliance and restore it.

However, even when repairs are possible, you may want to consider replacing the appliance. Equipment that has been damaged by the fire isn’t likely to keep working for many years. If the lifespan of your appliance is almost up, consider replacing it. The time, effort, and money you’ll invest in cleaning and repairing fire-damaged equipment may not be worth the hassle.

Unfortunately, many homeowners, who have to deal with a fire, incur a variety of unexpected expenses, including cleanup and restoration. Buying new appliances at that particular time may be out of the question. In this case, the repair is a smart decision.

If you find an experienced appliance repair company, repair results may exceed your expectations.


If your appliance is damaged by fire, will your insurance cover the repairs? Personal property coverage in a homeowner’s insurance policy can cover appliances. In case there is a fire, this insurance can help pay for repair.

It’s important to note that while homeowners insurance doesn’t cover earthquakes, if your appliances are damaged by a fire that was caused by an earthquake, the repairs will be covered.

The Takeaway

If your appliance has been damaged due to a fire, it can still be repairable. To save the equipment, don’t try to use it after the fire. Contact an appliance technician first. An expert must evaluate the damage and decide whether it’s repairable. By turning your appliance on after the fire, you could damage it further.

The decision whether to repair or replace your appliance depends on numerous factors, including the extent of the damage, the appliance’s lifespan, and your budget.