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As the summers are on their way, you must be afraid whether your AC system will work that effectively or not. Well, not to worry! Whether you have a coil clogged with evaporation, dust, or debris, remedies are always there. Commonly, algae, dirt, or mold might grow around the coil during the winter months, not allowing it to work properly. 

Keep in mind that a full-fledged cleaning with some sort of natural AC condenser coil cleaner is the only thing that can prevent a series of issues while improving the system’s performance. Below we have mentioned three effective ways one can make the most of the AC’s efficiency.

Starting With Compressed Air

If the coil has a layer of debris or dust on it, then a punch of compressed air can go a long way. Yes, much more than one can imagine. It will merely blow away those bits of dust and mold in a couple of minutes. Bear in mind that compressed air is naturally powerful enough to bend the fragile fins unexpectedly. So assure to keep the air nozzle at least three to four inches away from the coil’s surface. To keep the mold and dust spreading to other parts of the evaporator coil, ensure to attach with a vacuum hose. 

Lather those Soaps and Detergents

Chances are, many times, the coil can accumulate much more than dust on it. That is the moment when you need to invest in some home-time cleaning. Eventually, all you need is a bit of dishwashing detergent mixed with warm distilled water and white vinegar. Keep a soft bristle brush handy to scrub off the mold. Spray the prepared solution gently on the coil, scrub it, and see that mold disappearing in a minute or two. If you wonder how this will work, you need to know that vinegar has natural disinfecting properties that unsettle the debris and mildew buildup while preventing its growth further. 

Using a Foaming AC Coil Cleaner   

The least considered but the most effective way to keep that algae or mildew buildup away. Experts always say that not to be afraid of bubbles and foam as you need a stronger formula to tackle tough buildup problems. AC condenser coil cleaner is quick to use a formula that settles down and takes off all the debris and dirt along with it. Try a probiotic formula that is not toxic, works on both condenser and evaporator coils, pH-neutralised, and removes the foul organic and grime in a few minutes. 

So what is your go-to way to clean the AC coils? Let us know in the comments section below.