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Cleaning and organizing are among the easiest thing you can do to feel good about your home.

Cleaning our home comes with a wide range of benefits.


  1. Benefits of a Clean and Organized Home

Waking up to and going to bed in a clean home will make you more productive because it contributes to a clear mind. An organized environment is a calmer environment that can boost productivity and help you stick to a healthy routine.


Our DNA wasn’t built for multitasking so when people think they’re multitasking, they’re actually just switching from one task to another very rapidly and there’s a cognitive cost each time they do that. What happens in a cluttered home is that every time you start on a task you get distracted by that pile you need to sort through. This isn’t multitasking- you are just wasting energy.


Besides not being distracted by clutter, clean home inspires clean eating. Cluttered kitchen is a caloric kitchen. You are also more likely to cook in a clean and organized kitchen. Regular cleaning ensures you maintain your appliances properly. This makes them more efficient which can save you money from PECO energy bill while also helping them last longer.


An organized home will help you be more diligent in sticking to your workouts. It will also improve relationships between household members as many divorcing couples blame arguments over not pulling their weight around the house for the demise of their relationships. A clean and organized home also helps keep stress and depression at bay.


  1. How To Stick To Your Home Cleaning Routine

If you need a plan to tackle cleaning tasks at home, here are a few expert tips.


Assess the mess

The first step is to nail down the priorities. Identify what needs to be cleaned and how much time it will take. If it feels overwhelming, go room by room and make a checklist with realistic goals. It doesn’t have to be done within a single day.


Categorize tasks by day, week and month

Tackle low-effort tasks on a daily basis by setting a timer for 15 minutes and getting as many of those tasks done each day. Do medium effort chores on a weekly basis and leave deep cleaning for one day of the month.



If it’s just you who created the mess, you shouldn’t be the only person to clean it up. Split up the work.


Make it fun

Cleaning will be fun if you associate it with great music or dancing. No one said cleaning has to be boring and monotonous. Chanel your ‘inner Monica Geller” and look for ways to make cleaning something you look forward to. You can put a podcast or an audiobook on. It can also be a lovely opportunity to bond with your family.


  1. Home Organization Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you conquer clutter.


Out with the old, in with the new

Everything you didn’t touch for two years needs to go. Be honest, you forgot you even had it. If you have trouble figuring out what to toss, turn all hanging clothing with the hanger facing outward. After wearing an item, return it with the hanger facing the back of the closet. After a year, consider getting rid of all articles of clothing still facing outwards.


Use the walls

You can find many creative solutions to fit changing storage needs to get stuff off the floor but still within reach.


Use the space

Make DIY tiered hangers by using a lightweight piece of chain to stagger hanging clothing to maximize space. Just loop the first link of the chain over the first hanger and hang subsequent hangers on every other links after. You’ll get to hang six shirts by only taking the space of one. Put a shelf between the couch and the window to place lamps, plants and books. The empty wall space above doors and windows is organizational gold so use it by hang a shelf there.



A clean home will help you navigate life better. Being better organized will make you happier, productive and healthier. Take it slow and steady but get to it and conquer clutter once and for all!