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Whenever you are buying a car one of the most important things to know is how reliable is this car? While no car is perfect and will last forever it is still important to make sure that you have the most reliable car possible. Today we are going to look at how reliable the Toyota Prado is.

Let us start with some general information about this vehicle. They have seating to fit seven, off-road ability, and a single 2.8-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine. In the most recent Car Expert Toyota Prado reviews and rating, it scored a 7.7/10. As far as the car’s safety which is an important part of reliability if the worst happens and you are involved in a crash. Here is what the car offers: the most recent crash test reported five stars for safety as well as comes with autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection. Let us talk a little bit more about what the autonomous emergency braking system does. It will detect when you are about to have a collision with something whether it is a vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. When this happens the seat, belt tightens and then triggers an audio-visual warning. As if that was not enough of a safety feature if you do not press the brake, it will press it for you. It also comes equipped with dual frontal, side chest, side head, and driver’s knee airbags. With all those safety features it is no wonder that it scored 35.11 out of 37 points. 


Another feature the car has which shows its reliability is all their cars come with a five-year warranty with unlimited miles. Meaning no matter how many miles you put on the vehicle you will be covered by the warranty for five years. That is a true example of a business putting their money where their mouth is. As far as regular maintenance Toyota suggests every six months on all their vehicles. That is an acceptable time to need maintenance on a vehicle. Also tells me that their cars do not break down often and are not high maintenance to keep running which once again proves the reliability of the car. The brand Toyota itself is known for producing some of the most reliable cars on the market. So, the fact that these cars are made by Toyota adds to it reliability alone. Some facts to back up the claim that Toyota makes reliable cars is the fact that according to Consumer Reports annual ranking Toyota was ranked seventy-eight out of one hundred in reliability as a company. This makes Toyota ranked number two in safety overall. 

Some things that set them apart as far as what makes them reliable is that when they are wanting to add new features, they take time and do the research to make sure they have enough information and have run enough tests to know that this new feature is long-lasting. Toyotas are also known for lasting longer. Over history, it has been seen that Toyotas rarely break down, so they are saving you money in repairs as well as not having to buy a new car as often. They usually last for 200-300 thousand miles.