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The subject of infidelity is a steamy one that many people are naturally curious about…and perhaps even guilty of in their own lives. 


Here are the top movies of all time about affairs.

Indecent Proposal 

‘Indecent Proposal’ is a 1993 film starring Robert Redford, Demi Moore, and Woody Harrelson. 


The film is about a happily married couple named David and Diana who travel to Las Vegas in a desperate attempt to win $50,000 they need to stop their land from becoming repossessed…only to lose everything.

Distraught, the couple is approached by a billionaire named Gage, who makes them an offer they can’t refuse: $1 million to spend just a single with Diana. 

You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what David and Diana’s decision is and how the consequences of that decision impact their marriage. 

Anna Karenina 

There have been many film adaptations of Leo Tolstoy’s novel about a Russian aristocratic woman embarking on an affair with a dashing Count. The most recent is the 2012 version starring Kiera Knightley and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. 

While the book is a massive eight hundred page read, the film version is just over two hours and much quicker to get through.

Fatal Attraction 

The 1987 film ‘Fatal Attraction’ is an intense thriller starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. 

The movie is about a married man who has a one-night stand with a beautiful woman, who (as it turns out later) is a dangerously unstable psychopath who begins to stalk him and his family relentlessly.

Little Children 

‘Little Children’ (2006) stars Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, and Jennifer Connelly and tells a story facing many couples living in modern-day suburban America.

The stay-at-home dad Brad is growing increasingly emotionally distant from his rather cold wife, while the stay-at-home mom Sarah is simultaneously losing attraction to her pornography addicted husband. 

The two grow closer when meeting at play dates for their children and eventually embark on an affair, only for the consequences to be worse than they could have imagined.

Brief Encounter 

‘Brief Encounter’ is a classic 1945 film starring Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. It tells the story of a married housewife named Laura, who falls for a doctor named Alec, and grows more distant from her family in the process. 

The primary tension in the film builds as Laura struggles with deciding between whether or not to cheat on her husband.

The English Patient 

The 1996 Best-Picture-winning film ‘The English Patient’ stars Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche. It tells the story of a young nurse at the close of World War II who falls in love with a pilot who barely survives a horrific plane crash. 

His personal history, including a fateful love affair he engaged in, is revealed through flashbacks throughout the film.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The 2008 Woody Allen directed ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ tells the story of two friends (Vicky and Cristina) who visit Barcelona, only to be approached by a handsome but mysterious Spanish man named Juan who invites them both to his house for a weekend of fun. 


Even though Vicky later becomes married, she feels pulled to Juan and struggles to choose between him and her husband.

Eyes Wide Shut  

The 1999 film ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ which was also one of the last films shot by the legendary director Stanley Kubrick, is one of the most infamous (and erotic) romance films of all time. 


It stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as wealthy couple Bill and Alice who are seemingly happy and raising their daughter in New York City. But when Bill finds out that Alice fantasizes about another man, he resolves to track him down…only for his journey to lead him into a secret underground sex club deep beneath the streets of New York. get latest news on Hollywood affairs. 


Bottom line

Even though most people claim that cheating is not the right thing to do, how does that explain the hundreds if not thousands of major Hollywood films with infidelity and extramarital affairs as one of the main plot points?


After all, if people didn’t pay to go see these movies, most of them wouldn’t have been made!

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