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  Even if you renovated your home before, every project comes with its twists and turns.

There are a few things that every homeowner wishes she or he knew before venturing out into remodeling.

  1. What To Consider Before Your Home Renovation Project

Many homeowners dive into the renovation process without proper planning. Any kind of renovation is a complex process because unlike building a new home, you don’t get to start from scratch. Knowing what you’re in for increases your odds of not regretting your decision.

Invest in a smart lock

If you won’t be in your home while remodeling takes place, keep in mind that many contractors start early, so if you have a long way to go every morning, make sure your contractor can go in without you in a safe manner.

Don’t rush making decisions

It is always wise to hold off on some decisions like paint colors and light fixtures until you spend some time in the space you’re renovating and get a better idea of the vibe. You want to ensure every single piece of the puzzle fits in and not risk discovering some light fixtures just don’t illuminate the space like you thought they would.

Be realistic

It’s safe to say that your renovation will take more time than anticipated. If you are buying new furniture, you’ll be in for longer waiting periods so make sure you account for any delays.


Expected the unexpected

There’s not a single home that does not hold secrets and renovations tend to bring them to light. Be prepared as you never know what’s behind those walls or underneath the floor.

 Be specific

The more clearly you know what you want, the more time and money you will save and make the interior designer’s job easier while reducing the odds of a costly misunderstanding.

  1. Home Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

One of the greatest challenges of home renovation is not to fall in the trap of current trends and ending up with a space that’s so plain it lacks personality. Likewise, you want the upgrade to increase the value of your home and not all upgrades do that, especially those that are often a mere result of subjective taste.

Do invest in quality

Quality lasts. Do your research, read reviews and understand the warranty to make sure you are getting durable items. 

Do consider the ROI of each option

The highest the ROI of your home project, the more money you will save as a 100% ROI means the upgrade will pay for itself. Kitchens sell houses so refreshing your kitchen is always a good idea. Landscaping improvements have an ROI of 100% because curb appeal adds 10% to a home’s value because without a pretty exterior, no one will be interested in seeing what’s inside. If you need some inspiration, Pinterest has your back. 

Neutral is always the safe way to go

A neutral palette lends itself to multiple styles, from modern to rustic.

Don’t clutter

Resist the temptation to clutter rooms with too much furniture and accessories as space also deserves to breathe. A crowded space appears visually smaller than it actually is.

  1. Frugal Home Renovation Tricks, Tips and Ideas

Here are a few quick and easy upgrades to inspire your home renovation project.

Invest in smart devices

One relatively inexpensive upgrade that has a great ROI is investing in a smart thermostat. This makes the AC more efficient and can help lower your Columbia Gas utility costs.

Create a triangle

If you are giving your a complete kitchen makeover, place your stove, fridge and sink in a triangle that measures 26 feet. This will enable easy movement throughout the kitchen which will be particularly useful for big meal preparations!

Paint away

Whether you want to wash away your sins or just have the room look refreshed, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint. That is how powerful colors are because they re-arrange our reality. Just by treating your kitchen cabinets with a splash of new paint you can change the look of your entire kitchen.


Home renovation is a big deal because it has the power to enhance our everyday lifestyle and future wealth. However, renovating your home does not have to involve breaking the bank as even simple budget-friendly projects can make a big difference