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Even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, car sales have recovered faster than that of other industries. It may have taken some time for the automobile market to fully recover, but with the help of e-commerce, dealerships are slowly getting back on their feet. Some people may be looking for brand new models, while others are after demo vehicles on sale. If you are jumping on the bandwagon and also want to buy a car, then a unit from a Mazda Brisbane Southside dealership is a good option. 

If there’s a huge demand for new cars, there is an even longer queue for people buying used cars! The economic downturn has taken a great toll on the automotive industry, but it also allowed dealers to highlight their cars through online platforms. While physical showrooms were shut down in the first few months of the pandemic, buyers can still make their purchases from the comforts of their homes.

Whether you are checking an online list of new models or looking for a Mazda demo sale Brisbane dealerships have, buying a unit from this brand is a sound investment to make. 

Why Mazda Is a Good Choice

As a Japanese company, Mazda is famous for its intelligent technology, not to mention its attractive design that will truly draw your attention. Below are a few reasons why buying their vehicles will give you bang for the buck. 


Quality is at the forefront of this brand. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a car that handles well, looks great, and feels great on the interior. Just contact your nearest Mazda Brisbane Southside showroom and request a test drive, and you will experience what new Mazda owners are raving about their cars.

If an actual test drive is not possible, you can ask to have a virtual test to get an idea about the car’s features and performance. 

Great safety features

As a smart buyer, you should not only go for the looks and feel. You also have to consider the safety features the car has.

Mazda cars have the i-ACTIVESENSE intelligent safety technology to give you more confidence and peace of mind while on the road. With this feature, you can avoid any potential accidents that might happen and identify safety hazards when you see them. Along with cruise control and rear parking sensors, this forward collision avoidance technology (FCAT) system makes buying a vehicle from this brand a worthwhile investment, more so when you choose Mazda demo cars Brisbane dealerships sell. 

Enhanced driving experience

Mazda cars are designed and engineered with the driver’s comfort and convenience in mind. The technologies that the automaker puts into their vehicles ensure that you have a smooth and less stressful driving experience every time. You can talk to any Mazda Brisbane Southside dealership personnel, and they will be happy to offer a test drive just to give you an idea of just how comfortable it is to drive their units.

You can choose between the six-speed manual or six-speed automatic models when you buy the Mazda Maxx Sport, which is one of the latest models from the brand on the market today.

Availability of genuine replacement parts

In case something happens to your car in the future that requires original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, you can always find them at an authorized dealership. Unlike other brands, it does not take too long to order Mazda spare parts that you need to get your car back up and running once again. 


Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, the Australian automotive industry is seeing a surge in car sales since December 2020, and this includes popular car brands, like Mazda. For months since the start of the crisis, dealers were trying to find a way for their cars to sell. But it’s history now that the industry is going through a refreshing start. So, what are you waiting for? Get that new Mazda today and enjoy all the perks mentioned above! 


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