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Eliminating flying insects, often harmless but very annoying, is one of the typically summer commitments. You spend more time outdoors but often a dinner with friends can be harassed by the arrival of flocks of insects who want to bathe in the mojito bowl. Electric mosquito killers are an inexpensive and harmless solution for humans to keep flying insects away. Below we suggest what to pay attention to before choosing your next purchase.

UVA lamps

Before choosing your next mosquito killer, ask yourself what use you intend to make of it. The light emitted by the UVA bulbs mounted on the structure by the electrified grid that strikes the insects is able to act on most of the flying insects, attracted in a particular way by the light. If you compare prices, you will notice that the variations mainly concern the size of the device, therefore the area capable of being covered and not the insecticidal power.

Pay attention to accurately evaluate the extent to be kept under control and try to be honest: choosing a lamp that is disproportionate to the real needs of reclamation means exterminating a large number of harmless insects but also useful for the balance of biodiversity.

Very low consumption and zero emissions

There are numerous proposals on the market, but all of them use a very similar principle. They emit a light whose frequency is able to attract most flying insects, such as flies, midges or moths, which are harmless in themselves but can be annoying during an outdoor dinner or on a summer terrace. This is why these devices are often used in commercial premises, to prevent flies from settling on food contaminating it, or in bars and restaurants with outdoor seating.

The impact of these devices on the bill is usually negligible. Even those capable of electrocuting large numbers of insects don’t consume much more than an old incandescent light bulb. Unlike insecticides specifically designed to kill mosquitoes, these traps do not need to emit chemicals to either kill or attract the insects into the trap. So, they turn out to be completely harmless to humans.

Not very effective against mosquitoes

At this point it is almost superfluous to say, but the clarification is a must. It should be noted that, none of the best mosquito killer that emit light from UVA bulbs are not able to attract and kill mosquitoes. Although it is known that even mosquitoes are attracted by the light, this element alone is not enough to trap small pests. No matter the price of the insecticide lamp, it will not be able to attract the bloodthirsty beasts simply by emitting a beam of light: only a combination of carbon dioxide and other attractants is able to attract these insects in particular.

Not even the best brand will declare, in their guidelines, the ability to kill mosquitoes for the UVA lamp that emits electric discharges when insects pass between the grids. So, although we often make the mistake of calling these devices mosquito nets, it is good to remember that they are not suitable for this particular purpose.

How to use a mosquito trap?

The choice of a product capable of clearing away the annoying mosquitoes is an opportunity to check and search for the best trap available. In this guide, some tips for effective and productive use.

Place the traps in a strategic point

Many models on the market have a socket to connect them to the mains. Our advice is to exploit the one next to the area of ​​interest, to improve the yield and optimize the elimination of the “enemy”.

Choose models without the use of chemicals

Where possible we advise you to prefer traps that work thanks to scented essences or that, thanks to the blue light, are able to attract these annoying insects. This way you can greatly reduce the impact these substances can have on human health.

Optimize use

Better to use these traps only in case of real need, especially those that connect to a power outlet so as not to leave them running without a real need and only wasting energy.

Do not use incompatible products

When choosing platelets and other substances, it is good to check the effective compatibility and the methods of use with which they work. Know that it is always better to mount only products whose effective and proven compatibility is such.

Free the traps from insects

Some traps are structured to attract and suck, once in the vicinity, the unfortunate insects. The collection and elimination usually take place in a dedicated area, located in the lower part, and which is good to clean up regularly.

Focus on models that are not too noisy

Before activating an object such as a mosquito trap, our advice, when possible, is to try it, so as to understand if the noise threshold is right for you or if the air intake level is too high and annoying for your ears.

Choose a product that is effective at night and during the day

In selecting an effective trap, aim for models that can be exploited at all hours of the day, without difference and which therefore do not have the typical functions of a specific moment or predetermined time slot.


The pleasure of spending an evening in the garden, on the patio or simply indoors with the windows open is often spoiled by the presence of mosquitoes. If you want to get rid of these annoying insects you can choose to buy a mosquito trap.