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It’s 2021, the start of a new year and the start of an around the world marijuana revolution. The barriers to cannabis legalization seemed almost overwhelming a couple of years previously and now, nation after country has really begun to either legalize marijuana or legalize it entirely for leisure use.

Ever since Canada legalized marijuana in the Autumn of 2018, numerous nations have really signed up with the fold too. Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California, and 7 other American States have actually made cannabis legal for recreational and medical usage while nations such as Mexico, France, Finland and the United Kingdom among a host of others have really enacted laws on cannabis for medical use.


This wave of legalization conceals a larger movement for cannabis legalization throughout Canada and throughout the world. The worldwide perception of cannabis has actually been gradually modifying for the better, with most of the unfavorable preconceptions either ending or vanishing up agreeing with.

Numbers from 2 years earlier in 2018 paint a picture of a dynamic cannabis scene in Canada. An estimated 4.2 million individuals in Canada have reported consuming cannabis purchased from a federal government dispensary either daily or weekly– a nearly $1.6 billion industry.


In spite of federal legalization and federal government dispensaries, there’s one thing that still hasn’t altered. 60 percent, or a discouraging bulk of Canadians still choose to buy their cannabis from non-government sources.

Why, in the wake of a worldwide marijuana legalization motion, are Canadians still picking to buy weed online from quote-on-quote “gray-market sources” when dispensaries were expected to repair that problem?


Let’s discover what online cannabis consumers want.

Green Society vs MOM Canada

While the Canadian federal government has actually taken that strong, first step forwards towards offering Canadians with dependable access to potent, affordable and varied cannabis products, they are unfortunately failing.

There’s an exceptional reason just 40 percent of Canada’s marijuana customers really purchase from federal government dispensaries. One owner of a little cannabis lounge has actually pointed out the lack of a “strong products at a competitive cost” as one the primary aspects driving business far from government dispensaries.

Other market specialists have actually cited continuous “supply shortages” and “delayed online delivery times” as additional problems that have really been bothering federal government dispensaries. Price, possibly among the most essential factors impacting federal government marijuana sales, has really been an issue for many consumers as the government is struggling to even come close to providing rates that 60 percent of customers are currently used to paying.

CBC has really reported that Canadians wishing to purchase marijuana from a federal government dispensary pay “about $10 a gram” while grey-market items are priced at approximately $6.37 a gram.

The concerns that government dispensaries deal with are methodical in nature, and we have actually not even discussed their lack of item variety and potent marijuana focuses such as edibles, shatter, and extract.

Long prior to federal government dispensaries made their launching, Canadians in the know have been sourcing quality marijuana products, concentrates and devices from one trusted market: mail-order cannabis.

For several years, online marijuana consumers have in fact delighted in the ability to take in premium, powerful and cost effective marijuana products delivered right to their door.

If you’re disappointed with the existing state of marijuana legalization, the absence of item range and unaffordably high rates, then your best option would be to purchase from a mail-order cannabis dispensary.

With so great deals of mail-order marijuana dispensaries out there, picking one that best matches your specific requirements is a barrier– particularly if you’re just now making the shift from federal government dispensaries into mail-order marijuana dispensaries.

Here are some normal elements of a terrific mail-order cannabis dispensary:.

Does Green Society Have These Factors …

Any mail-order cannabis worth a check out will attempt to supply these following functions:.

Comprehensive item variety consisting of but not limited to marijuana flower, marijuana concentrates and cannabis edibles.


  • User friendly website, with easy shopping cart features.
  • Excellent client assistance.
  • Multiple payment options (charge card, e-transfer, bitcoin, money).
  • No website down time, quick website.
  • Relied on by the community.


While mail-order cannabis as a whole deals wonderful service, finding an online dispensary that fits your individually distinct requirements is just as vital as finding one that fits all of these personal elements.

We’ll take a look at Green Society and Buy Low Green, 2 of Canada’s most popular online dispensaries to see which one is most deserving of a visit!

Green Society or Buy Low Green?

Based upon the above criteria, let’s see how these 2 online mail-order cannabis dispensaries compare to each other:.

MOM Canada () vs Green Society (X):.


  • Huge product variety .
  • Easy and user-friendly to make use of site .
  • Appropriate Customer Support X.
  • Affordable costs with daily/weekly discount rates .
  • Reputable service without any site downtime X.
  • Relied on by the Industry X.
  • Loyalty points system X.
  • Stealth Shipping X.
  • More Products than Just Marijuana X.
  • Credit Card Payment Options X.


We found the following from our specific experiences patronizing these mail-order marijuana dispensaries:.


Green Society’s Features.

MOM Canada vs Green Society.

We’ll even reach to state that Green Society has even more item variety than MOM Canada for cannabis products. According to their suppliers page, they happily offer the fact that they work with 29 numerous cannabis vendors.

MOM Canada doesn’t have their own vendors page nevertheless our own experience leads us to believe that they handle 20-25 suppliers and supply cannabis flower, cannabis edibles, cannabis tinctures and cannabis vaporizers.

Green Society’s website, just like MOM Canada’s, is very simple and effectively designed to utilize. Pages load fast and whatever from the pictures to the overall user experience is fantastic. Both even do offer a fantastic mobile user experience.

In spite of their bigger product variety and lovely website, there are a number of glaring issues that stood out to us when we were reviewing Green Society.

Shipping MOM Canada Or Green Society?

MOM Canada has been around given that purchasing off MOM’s started. Their name is what everyone follows in the market. This is shown with the care in their shipping. Tracking is constantly offered at the end of the day. Tracking is likewise viewable in your account at any time you wish to view, together with all your orders. if you do require your tracking, somebody is constantly available on Live Chat or email to assist you. This is something that actually can not be said at all with Green Society. MOM Canada ships from Ontario, which is quicker for most of the country. Green Society is a quicker alternative if you are looking for a West Coast shipment.

Rather truthfully there is no shortage of shipping grumbles on various forums when it comes to Green Society:.

  • Warning 1.
  • Warning 2.
  • Warning 3.

* There are numerous.


Client Support.


Green Society Definitely lacks client support and trusted shipping options.

The first thing we observed was their absence of appropriate customer help. Then finding out more about the info and even having access to some item ideas is indispensable, if you or somebody you know is not familiar with cannabis.

Green Society utilizes a chat function, however if you’re wanting to chat with a genuine individual then you’ll be much better off heading elsewhere.

Here’s what their talking service actually uses:.

MOM Canada vs Green Society Customer Service.

The main aspect I go shopping online is for the convenience and cost savings that it supplies– not for the client service. With that being specified, we still found it disingenuous of them to camouflage an automated, bot service as a “talking service” to attempt to trick their consumers. Honestly, it’s rude to even think that their customers would be gullible appropriate to think that their “chatting service” was anything aside from a bot offering reactions.

What if you had a shipping issue or a worry about payment? How about receiving a defective item or a missing out on product from your order? Who would you have the ability to contact in such a situation besides waiting for an email action from their automated “talking service?”.

Seeing this automated bot had actually presently eliminated a few of the trust that we had for Green Society as a mail-order cannabis service.

Alternatively, MOM Canada’s client service is nothing except great.

Not just do they have an actual, real live person doing LIVE CHAT services, their customer support professionals are truly informed about marijuana items and are fluent in English to boot.

Here’s how a MOM Canada’s client service specialist handled the very same concerns we had:.

MOM Canada:.

To think that an online mail-order cannabis dispensary would have better customer support than some brick-and-mortar merchants knocks one’s socks off.


At MOM Canada, Live Chat is in fact live chat. The truth that they don’t try to deceive their customer into believing they use talking services when they only use automated bot reactions like Green Society makes us trust MOM Canada more than other online dispensaries. You can see why MOMMY is the longest one around. Their live chat and email response is just repeated with their shipping care. Something that is staggeringly overlooked with Green Society. They appear to just wish to get your order out. If it “gets here, it gets here.”.

This element isn’t as big of a concern as Green Society deceiving its clients into believing they have a live chat service, but is worth pointing out.

Commitment Points System.

At MOM Canada, each $1 you invest in their site is equivalent to 1 point. This is efficiently a 2% cashback perk in points, which is much better than what some banks can actually offer.

The reward to publish an evaluation is not large enough to trigger clients to publish reviews all over to artificially pump up the Buy Low Green’s trust or their quality. We can be particular that each assessment applies and comes from a place of complete genuineness.

Which is an excellent segue into another problem that Green Society has:.

Counted on By The Community.

For any organization you plan on working with, it’s important to have rely on both service and the stability of the business offer. It’s terrific that an area has good assessments however what does that matter if they’re all paid and/or phony?

For us, the truth that Green Society actively tries to trick their customers into believing that they offer talking services when they didn’t been adequate to leave a sour taste in our mouths. It’s deceptiveness at finest and outright lying at its worst.


This next element has actually effectively made us lose the bulk of the trust we had for Green Society.

How did we understand that Green Society was one of the most popular, premium and well-reviewed site?

Considering that they have an abundance of users reporting that it’s the most popular, top quality and well-reviewed site.

Here’s what Green Society has on their benefits page:.

You’ll see that their page is plastered with benefits for their customers to make extra indicate purchase Green Society’s site.

We do not know about you, however when has a paid evaluation ever been entirely and 100% objective– particularly when they provide as lots of platforms and benefits as Green Society does.

Green Society’s synthetic inflation and adjustment of popular opinion on relied on cannabis platforms such as WeedMaps, Leafly and WikiLeaf is absolutely nothing except unethical.

How could we rely on any assessment of theirs on any of those websites now that we comprehend that their users were paid to do it?

You may believe in a various way, however such suspicious practices should not exist in the only way and the first location to let these services understand that is by voting through your wallet.

We wound up not making any purchase at all through Green Society due to the fact that our trust in them had entirely worn down.

MOM Canada as Alternative to Green Society.

Through our assessment you’ll see that Green Society does not have 3 core elements that 

  • Purchase Low green deals.
  • Pleasing Client Support.
  • Commitment Points System.
  • Trust– 10 years in the video game. Began the “MOM Market.

More than simply cannabis. Lots of other plant based medications and supplements (kratom, mushrooms).

The most primary and damning factor you require to NOT purchase from Green Society is their deceptive business practices and belief that their consumers can be so rapidly tricked.

I do not have to be individual good friends with a business in order to give them my company however they should at least regard me enough to not try to trick me.

Still not sold on the benefits of shopping at Buy Low Green? Visit their site and have a chat with one of their live Client Support Experts and experience the regard and individual care they provide every one of their clients.

We guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied at MOM Canada. We started the industry 10 years back. You can’t rely on anybody more than that.