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From discussing a new project with your team to signing a new deal with clients, the conference room witnesses almost all key developments in your organization. In addition to your employees, sometimes your visitors also sit there. You know that your employees practice precautionary measures required to prevent the spread of diseases. However, you cannot say that about your visitors. This highlights the importance of hiring the best company for office cleaning in New York and conference room disinfection. This will eliminate bacteria, viruses, and all other disease-causing elements that may spread from person to person. 


Office cleaning in New York also ensures that there is no mess in your conference room and everything is well organized. It prepares your conference room for the next important meeting with your clients. In this article, you will learn how an office cleaning company in NYC cleans and disinfects your conference room. 

Get Rid Of All The Mess 

When you are taking notes in the conference room, you are likely to have piles of documents in the conference room. You also use speakers, projectors, computers, cameras and several other electronic devices. Not everyone puts things back in place. This may leave the conference room messy and poorly organized. When the company visits for office cleaning in NYC, it removes all the mess and puts things in place. 

Disinfect the Surfaces 

In addition to listening to leaders and taking notes, sometimes, employees also eat and drink in the conference room. If you do not clean it on time, this creates an ideal environment for bacteria and germs to grow. Similarly, chairs, conference tables, and other surfaces are touched by your visitors and employees. Diseases can spread very easily. Cleaning is not an effective way to kill germs and prevent the spread of diseases. You must disinfect chairs, conference tables, electrical outlets, and other surfaces. A cleaning company in NYC offering office disinfection service in NYC disinfects surfaces using 70% alcohol-based sanitizer. They sanitize security locks, door handles, keys, conference tables and other surfaces that are commonly touched. Dirt is removed using a detergent and water solution. 

Wipe Screens 

Many modern businesses hire remote talent. Interaction with a remote talent for meetings requires screens. There should be no dirt or dust on the screen. This not only affects the visibility but it is also not good for the screen. The screen is likely to stop functioning if dust and dirt enter the screen and reach the internal parts. Moreover, multiple employees touch the screen several times a day, there is also a risk of getting infections and diseases. Therefore, the cleaning company cleans and disinfects computer screens, keyboards, mouses and other devices. 

Regular Cleaning and Vacuuming 

Though employees and clients do not visit the meeting room on a regular basis, still it is important to clean the area regularly. Clean bins and disinfect the area. Vacuum seat fabric. Take out trash. A cleaning company also mops the floor and takes every step to promote a healthy environment. 

Cleaning vs Disinfecting 

Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. Both require different supplies and serve different purposes. The purpose of cleaning is to remove debris, dirt, and germs from surfaces. Cleaning is done before disinfecting as a part of the process. In disinfection, the cleaning company uses chemicals to kill germs or bacteria. This stops the growth of disease-causing elements on surfaces like tables, taps, security locks, keys, doorknobs, and electronic devices. A cleaning company uses alcohol-based products, chlorine, and bleach to disinfect your conference room. The following are the common disinfecting agents used by a cleaning company: 

  • Absolute alcohol is not as active as a mixture of water and alcohol. It is an inexpensive solution and leaves no residue. 
  • Chlorine is a yellowish gas that becomes liquid at high pressure. This gas is used in water disinfection. It is also very effective at removing pathogens from surfaces. 
  • Electrostatic methods are used to spray sanitizers, disinfectants, etc. 

Benefits of Disinfection

  • Disinfection removes allergens that can trigger allergic reactions. Dust mites, pollen, and mold are invisible allergy triggers. This is important for the health of your employees and visitors. 
  • It lowers the risk of disease transfer which is an important preventive measure. 
  • Indoor air pollution is a serious issue. Ignored HVAC and other sources can release potentially dangerous pollutants. Cleaning HVAC and other systems reduce the emission of indoor pollutants.   
  • Cleanliness improves employee efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction. 
  • It makes your space look clean and professional. Stains on the conference table, walls, furniture, carpet etc do not leave a good impression. 
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection is a cost-effective way to keep your space clean and safe for employees and visitors. 

Make sure that the cleaning company uses a disinfectant that is safe. It should not cause any damage to your assets. It takes no time to kill bacteria or germs.