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Outdoor living was already very popular before governments imposed lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus. Within a few months, people got tired of staring at walls. Now people have resumed their outdoor landscaping projects. Even when you are in no mood to beautify your exteriors, you do want to spend some time outside to get fresh air. However, it is cold out here. You need to make some arrangements to stay warm in your backyard. You have the following two options: 

  • Outdoor Fireplace 
  • Outdoor Pit 

You need to consider the following five things to make the right decision: 


Are you going to use a fireplace or fire pit for family or to entertain a large group of friends? If it is for more people in informal settings, a fire table or fire pit is an ideal option. It’s like camping around fire with friends to tell stories or sing. Find bulk firewood for sale to build a campfire in your backyard.  

You can accent your space by using a gas pit. A pit around a fountain or near a wall can be a smart addition. Cold wind may change its course anytime. So, find a fire pit that you can move around. However, a portable fire pit will not increase the value of your property. A permanent fire pit will.     

If you want to relax with your family or read a book while sitting next to a warming fire, you can go for a walled fireplace. As it is walled, it also provides you with some privacy.      


You have to spend more to buy an outdoor fireplace. When you are comparing both options, also consider the cost of bulk firewood for sale. An outdoor fire pit may cost you around from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The cost of a fire pit or fireplace also depends on features and finishing. A fireplace can cost around a few thousand dollars. 


Fire pits and fireplaces come in many sizes and shapes. The latest trend is the fire table. It has a burner in the middle. You will love to have a finishing option of your choices such as block, tile or stone. This allows you to coordinate your custom fire table with the exterior of your house. Table-height is an important factor that can hinder conversation around the fire table. If you want to stand around the fire table, choose a higher fire table similar to a pub table. You can sit around a fire table similar to a coffee table. A fire pit can be an eye-catching addition to your space. 

You can install a fireplace with a modern or traditional look. Fireplaces come with a stainless or brick interior. It can have brick or stone surrounding it. It can also get a decorative touch. 


There can be a disadvantage of a fire pit even when there is a slight breeze. You will not get a consistent warmth. Smoke can be a big problem in some situations. On the other hand, there is minimum heat loss in a fireplace. 


You have to be extra careful when you have a fire pit. On the other hand, a fireplace contains sparks, smoke and flame.