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The history of wedding bands or rings is as old as the beginning of civilization. As discovered in an ancient Egyptian discovery, over thousands of years ago, wedding rings signified the commitment between a couple and their marriage. As there is no defined end or beginning of a wedding band, it represents eternity, togetherness forever. Before medieval times, humans used iron to make wedding rings. But as other precious metals came into the setting, the use of iron diminished as a material for wedding rings, and other shiny materials took its place. In the current scenario, there are a decent variety of metals available for you to pick a wedding ring for your partner. Let’s learn more about it.

Types of materials that make a wedding band epic

The type of material used in crafting out the wedding bands has changed with time and fashion, but its craze is still the same. Nowadays, we use precious metals like rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum to make wedding bands for men and women. Here are some important things you must know about these materials-

  • Rose gold- it is durable and affordable at the same time. People are in love with wedding bands made out of it
  • Yellow gold is the purest color of gold and very easy to maintain compared to others. It is hypoallergenic and needs proper cleaning and polishing at a regular interval of time.  
  • White gold- it is more durable than others as it resists scratch. It is a bit affordable compared to platinum, but it requires dipping every couple of years.
  • Platinum- hypoallergenic and is more durable when compared to white gold. It is expensive and does not resist scratches

When you are well aware of the metals and their whereabouts, you may choose the most suitable material from Epic Wedding Bands

Buying the wedding bands

Conventionally, it is the part of a man to buy the wedding ring for his beloved and ask her to marry him. However, those days are long gone now. It doesn’t matter whether the groom buys the ring or the bride initiates the proposal. Sometimes, people propose a normal ring or something else, and they buy the perfect wedding band in the future. Therefore, it highly depends on the choice of the couple. 

Wedding bands for her & him

Women usually prefer to pair their wedding band with their wedding dress, jewelry, and other accessories. It could be a ring paved with a single gemstone or several different gemstones. A simple gold or platinum band never goes out of class. On the other hand, men’s wedding bands are mostly simple and sober; they avoid gemstones. If you are looking for a simpler ring for your partner, you may consider the bands crafted from white gold, yellow gold, or titanium.

The bond of love and marriage is timeless, so should be your wedding band. Buy something that suits the personality and style of your partner.